Mirror Image Marketing Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Mirror Image MarketingMirror Image Marketing is a relatively new company that claims to have found a 100% proven method for people to follow to find success within the multi-level marketing community.  MIM says that for $49.95 you will receive access to a collection of videos that will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating your own MIM business.  All you need – beside the $49.95 – is the willingness to learn.

Mirror Image Marketing tries to back their claims of 100% success by comparing their business model to McDonald’s.  They say you can purchase a franchise, and with basically no work you will be successful, because the people who have built the franchise have done all the hard work already.

So is Mirror Image Marketing a Scam?

Well, multi-level marketing is legitimate business model.  But anyone who knows anything about multi-level marketing understands that it is a very difficult business to be successful in.  Only 5% of people in the MLM business make the type of money that Mirror Image Marketing claims 100% of people in their program will make – a six or seven figure yearly income.

As for their using the franchise model as proof of their claims that 100% of people will be successful, the truth is I’ve seen many fast food franchises, including McDonald’s, close down throughout my life.  Regardless of whether or not you have a good business model, you still need to be aware of your market, need to maintain good customer service, and have successful advertising to keep any business successful.

Another huge concern with Mirror Image Marketing is that they never explain to you what product you will be selling.  They simply refer to it as “in demand” without ever supplying the particulars.  In MLM, a large part of your job is convincing people to have faith in your product.  Think of Avon, Mary Kay, or Herbalife.  These are all successful MLMs because their products are as well known as their business.

Finally, customers of Mirror Image say that when they have requested a refund from the company, they have been refused a refund.  According to customer reports, MIM can choose to refuse a customer’s refund request if they feel the fault lies with the customer and not the product.  Hmmm, how often do you think they find fault with their product?  It’s probably best to stay away from this one.

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  • Mr. Little was in the MLM business a long time ago; he talks a good game but not much substance there.
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