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MouseBux, found online at, is a paid to click advertising site that says their goal is to help advertisers reach thousands of potential customers, while giving people all over the world a way to earn extra money.

A pay to click site lets advertisers use their member base as a new audience for their company, products, or services, as well as a way to sometimes receive feedback on their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Their member community will view these ads according to the directions of the website and the company, and will be able to earn a small amount of money in exchange for their effort and input.

How Does It Work?

MouseBux gives its members multiple ways to earn money, which includes clicking on ads, referring new users to become MouseBux members, and encouraging these referred members to become upgraded members.

When earning money for watching their ads, you will be expected to view ads for a specified amount of time in exchange for a pre-determined amount of money, which will be a few cents, up to $0.04 per ad.

Customers will have to reach a minimum payout amount before they can collect their money, and this minimum is between $2.00 and $4.00 depending on your membership. In addition, all members must hold to a regular activity schedule and reach at least 200 clicks before they can withdraw their money.

Is It Legit?

Pay to click is a legitimate way for people to make extra money each month, and for companies to receive feedback on their marketing strategies. That being said, many pay to click companies have reported issues that do make them untrustworthy for potential users.

MouseBux, on the other hand, seems to go out of their way to prove their legitimacy. They offer clear, well explained directions for each method of money earning available on their site, as well as charts and pages that clearly state how much money people can earn for completing these various activities.

Also, they require that each member of their community that withdraws payment from their account post proof of that payment on their “Payment Proof” webpage, so they can show other members of the community that people are successfully earning money.

All in all, this company seems like a fair and trustworthy pay to click website for users that may be interested in earning money this way.

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