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MXWRK, found online at, is a company that says they have access to “free money” and can pay people up to $1 per day for doing absolutely nothing, and more if they are willing to do small tasks.

In order to keep this promise, this website provides their members with two separate and individual ways of earning money. The first is provided through marketing research while the second is provided through crowdsourcing.

Customers who are curious about these earnings opportunities can sign up for MXWRK completely for free – there are no sign up or registration fees whatsoever. However, in order to get paid by this company, you must have a PayPal account.

How Does It Work?

When MXWRK says you can earn “free money,” what they really mean is that you can download a toolbar to add to the Firefox internet browser. You then leave this toolbar open when you do anything on this browser, and this company will collect data about what you search for it, how you search for it, what websites you visit, how much time you spend there, and anything else they can get from your online activity.

Companies are willing to pay large amounts of money for this data, and the money they earn is returned to you payments of a few cents each day, sometimes as much as $1 a day.

The second way you can earn money is through crowdsourcing, which is the term used when people are asked to do small, simple, basic tasks in exchange for payments between 5 cents and 20 cents, depending on the work.

Is MXWRK Legit?

The two ways that this company offers people to earn money are both legitimate ways to earn money. Companies will pay for data on how you search and browse and behave online, and companies will also pay money for people to do small, relatively effortless tasks.

The question then becomes whether or not this company pays each day like they say they do, and whether or not this company pays enough to make it worth your effort. A quick review of what people are saying about this company online makes it appear that they really do pay the way they say they do, and as far as competitive earnings are concerned, customers can compare them to some other industry leaders, like Amazon Mechanical Turk, Lionbridge, and other micro jobs companies.

It should also be mentioned, however, that there are complaints online about how this company now has so many members and has marketed itself so widely that it has become difficult to make money by sharing this opportunity.

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