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Legit or Scam?

Mystery Shopper AgencyMystery shopping is almost as magical and mystical of a job as the work at home opportunities that promise you a six figure income working only four hours a week.  You get paid for going and getting free food, free clothes, and free car repairs?  That has to be the definition of too good to be true.

But actually mystery shopping is a very real job.  Companies pay you to take part of their services and then give detailed accounts of your experiences.  This way companies are able to keep tabs on their local employees and store managers.

The Mystery Shopper Employment Agency is a website that offers you a career as a mystery shopper, either part or full time, with the only requirement being that you are at least 18 years of age.  For a one time fee of $34.00, they promise to give you access to over 200 different mystery shopping companies, and guarantee that you will be given a mystery shopping assignment within two weeks of registering.

So is a Scam?

Mystery Shopper Employment Agency definitely has one very large red flag you should be aware of: you have to pay them money.

The problem is that in exchange for your $34.00, you get a list of companies that you could find free using Google.  And once you receive this list, it’s then your job to go through all 200 companies, evaluate their options, find the ones that are best for you, and then apply to those companies for jobs.

That’s right.  After you pay $34.00 for the list of companies, you must apply for your mystery shopping job, and despite what Mystery Shopper Employment Agency says, they cannot guarantee that you will be hired by anyone, because they are not the ones doing the hiring.

Mystery shopping is a real job, just like any other real job, and that means you have to be hired by an actual company who determines whether or not you fulfill the specific criteria that they are looking for in a job candidate.  You should never have to pay someone to tell you the names of companies that do the type of work that you are looking for – that is public information and you can find it for free.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I just got a call from that I can get 400 for A shop sounds like a scam.
  • thanks for the heads up on this when we called the number listed on the letter the guy we talked to was very hard to understand they sent us a check for $1400.00 out of a bank called amegybank i am glad i researched this before i made a fool ouy of myself at my bank im already living from paycheck to paycheck and i cant afford to to be throwing away money thank you
  • I just got an email from Mystery Shopper USA Employment Agency advising me I could be a mystery shopper with no application fee.

    In fact" A Paycheck of $2000 plus will be sent to you for the first Evaluation by our finance company,you are to deduct your $200 commission, and the rest will be used for the evaluation at the store that you will be instructed to go.This Evaluation can take place three times or more in a week so you can end up earning for yourself close to $600 or more in a week.'

    Oh No No red flags here
  • Be careful what you ask for. I applied with Sassieshop for a Counter Restaurant shop and also with Amanda Reynolds with Dataquest, Ltd. for an overnight shop with two different Marriott Hotels in the San Francisco bay area and was assigned all of these. I applied for these and accepted the shop assignment based on all their written material and their promises/assurances of how their procedures work. Lesson # 1; NEVER believe what you read or who you believe you may be dealing with. All of these companies expect you to pay your money for the shop they wish you to perform with the promise that they will reimburse you within X number of days and pay you a nominal, almost too small to mention, fee for your efforts, typically $5 - $50 tops, usually closer to the lower end than the top end; imagine that. Well, in the case of the Counter Restaurant for Sassieshop, they did indeed send my reimbursement and fees on the last possible 60th day which is the maximum timeline they claim you will be reimbursed. Why do they play this game of saying in their materials that this payment will come within 60 days when in fact they wait the entire timeline to make that payment? Just tell the truth, upfront. Unfortunately the Hotel shops with Dataquest didn't go much better. First of all the financial outlay is significant to the tune of almost $400 at one property and almost $700 at the other. Dataquest says the hotel will possibly never charge your CC and may possibly reverse charges upon checkout, but not to worry; if they do not reverse charges upon checkout then certainly you will be reimbursed in full within fifteen (15) business days. Well, what do you think happened? The less expensive charge of under $400 was reversed within 3 business days and, you guessed it, the larger of the two, almost $700 was not sent or credited. I started communicating with Amanda as we were approaching the 15 day mark and she assured me it was being handled. Upon the 15th day, she once again gave me false assurances; finally at thirty days and the 23rd business day, 50% longer timeline than assured or is in all their written materials, I received the full reimbursement with no fees yet received and as I am now certain, I will not see those nominal fees until the maximum timeline for paying fees, the same as sassieshop at the 60th day. So, buyer beware, be careful what you ask for and if you ever deal with one of these (in my opinion) highly questionable companies (and I now believe, they all operate in the identical manner) be prepared to not receive any out of pocket funds until the final day they state reimbursement or fees paid will occur, or later; in other words, do not count on anything they tell you verbally or in writing. Expect the worst case scenario and you will not be too terribly disappointed, as was I. Overall summary, in short, not worth the time or trouble; waste your time and effort elsewhere.
  • I'm sorry that some of you fell for this scam. As mentioned in a previous post, there are many different lists of mystery shopping companies you can get for free online. I am signed up with at least 50 companies and granted, there are a few that I have never completed a shop for because they don't have anything available in my area or for other reasons, but then there are many companies that I get work from on a regular basis. A word of advice... you can check for shops as often as you would like but make sure to check at the beginning of each month because that is when a lot of companies post their shops and at the end of the month because some companies will offer a bonus in addition to the shop pay because they need to get the shop done before month end. Also, check out the following links because these are job boards that post shops for many different companies so you can find lots of shops all in the same place. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  • That site is a scam. But, there are legit organizations. Here is the one I found.

    There is no fee unless you choose to take a mystery shopper/service evaluator certification test, which is optional.
  • mother sent me a link for mystery shoppers and this site had hi jacked the link. Completely unaware I also paid the $34. As I was really getting into the training I came across another web site and realized that I was in the wrong place!!! I called my bank who had a phone number for them (1-800-390-6035). The young lady who assisted me, upon me calling, gladly gave me a refund. It was if she knew why I was calling and she did not even question me. SMH

    Hope this helps!
  • I to fell for their scam. I have repeatedly tried to contact them to get a refund with no success. When you send them an email you get back another offer to join again. They should be shut down I'm in process to find where their from and file suit against them. The rating I chose should be a negative 50
  • I fell for this scam thinking that it was a legitimate website that when you signed up you got a list of jobs... instead it turns out we get a list of agencies and you have to sign up for jobs that cannot even be guaranteed. When I saigned up it was a 60 day free trial and if I was not satisfied they would refund the money. Unfortunately this website has horrible resources and there is no number listed for customer service and the website is hard to navigate through. I emailed customer service multiple times and no response...then when someone did email me they told it was too late to send in the form to request a refund, which there was never any mention of a form to fill out nor is there a form on the website or even directions in how to request the refund. This website was definetly a scam!
  • Thank you for your red flag on the Mystery Shopper Employment Agency. I have just saved $34.00. I have books and have found internet webpages that give you a list of mystery shopper agencies hiring. And they are free. I do not need to pay $34.00 for the same list. Thank you again.

    Jim Gilkison
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