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from 8 reviews Review It is a database of freelance writing jobs which claims that anyone can become a freelance writer by completing their training today and earning their first paycheck in 30 minutes.

This company is not hiring employees; rather they simply give you access to companies or people that are looking for freelance writers to complete specific projects. They say the only requirement to complete these jobs is to be able to read and write English fluently.

In order to sign up for, you simply need to give them your name and email address and pay the $34 subscription fee, which is a 50% discount off the standard $68 fee.

What Is It? gives you access to a database with “thousands of jobs” for freelance writers, including but not limited to: article or blog writing, technical writing, creative writing, simple data entry, reviewing websites, and proofreading.

They say that after signing up for their service, you can complete their training and complete your very first freelance writing assignment within just thirty minutes.

According to the website, the average freelance job they post should take you anywhere between two and five hours to complete, depending on the type of job, and will pay you anywhere between $200 and $400.

Is It Real?

Freelance writing is a very real and often legit online job opportunity, and can be accessed through many different companies, though generally you do not pay freelance companies an upfront subscription fee. Rather, they’ll take a fee from the jobs you complete. says that they require a subscription fee because they update their jobs database five times every day, and that taking a fee from the job posters would be a conflict of interest.

However, there are a few red flags associated with MyWritingJob. First, they quote “the average” freelance writing job as paying between $200 and $400, which is a gross overestimation based on many other sources. Then the say the only skill you need is to “read and write English.”

Generally speaking, you should be very cautious websites that promise you the ability to make large sums of money in short time periods with little to no skills.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 1.38 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.



  • Why is it that on any review site I go to it always ends up the same and yes i purposely misspelled words so you can gripe about me too. That being said so you can get it out of your systems. Why is it when you just want the honest truth about something we go to these reviews and then its always the same some idiot people who want to do dick measuring of who is more knowledgeable. I just want to know if the company is legit. Not listen to people who have issues.

    Yours very aggravated

  • is a total scam. It uses prominent websites like to market its shoddy products. The website does nothing other than second hand listing/replicating postings from several other sites. The postings are useless as they are neither sorted nor categorized. The site even claimed it is BBB accredited business. In reality, it is not just non-BBB accredited but also BBB problematic. In addition, the claimed guaranteed refund within 60-days has never been honored, as the site is simply not reachable.

    It is illegitimate to fabricate the BBB Accredited logo, falsify the testimony and refund policy. This business needs to be put under serious investigation and taken out of the market for goodness's sake. Please spread the word to all social medias , consumer websites and regulatory agencies to caution the general public and prevent further damaging impact from this site.
  • So I have checked out the BBB. You have no standing with the BBB. You are not an accredited business, and the fact you say as much, is illegal. I have read HUNDREDS of reviews from many sites, and they all say the same thing. Your company is a scam. After seeing some of the screen captures of your "Members" site, I saw that it was VERY poorly constructed, and I could have made a better website in 6th grade!! I soon realized that this was just a get rich quick scheme FOR YOU!! Not for us... You have no way to provide jobs. You have no contracts with any companies, and just posting "links" for people to click on to find work, is useless. Why pay you $34, when I can browse the internet for free? I am a novelist and freelance writer, and I was optimistic that this could be a legitimate way to make some extra money. Unfortunately, I see no reason to pay you $34 when Craigslist is readily available for free. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of people. I mean REALLY? How can you advertise that UNEDUCATED people could do this work? Poor talent, would mean poor quality work. Everyone in business knows that. Obviously though, your recipe for success means taking advantage of the lesser educated in order to make a quick buck...... If I am wrong, PROVE IT!! @ MyWritingJob.Com
    • Dear Charles,

      I feel like you.

      As you believe in something, and you open the door and behind there's nothing.

      How can people live with that? Go to sleep with that?

      ...But I believe in Karma, and I'm sure that all the bad they're making to us will twist against the worms they are.

      It seems to me -even in 2014-, so UNREAL that people can be so bad towards each others.
  • If the reviewers of this job site are indicative of the talent pool being drawn from, then we are sorely suffering a deficit of those who are even able to articulate themselves in the English language. For example, it is news to me that "paternal" is the same as "parental." Does anybody read a dictionary anymore? Does anybody keep a copy of Roget's Thesaurus? These two aforementioned books used to be the writer's seminal tools.
    • Miss Shannon, in case you have not visited the website; and just in case you were, but not really listening to the 10-minute video presentation, there was actually a part where the voice prompt said "PATERNAL" in which case the animation was actually writing "PARENTAL". Needless to say, I have actually found Mr. David's review very useful, not in the very least indicative of his superiority towards others. @Shannon
    • I thought this was a review site, not a place for you to show off your ability to look up $100 words in the thesaurus so you can feel superior to others. Crawl back into the hole you came from, you troll.
  • Not good at all. They make it sound like you can have a job quickly but instead they give you a bunch of jobs to apply to.
  • How do would you cancel your membership? they make it impossible to for you to find the area to do that in.
  • In the intro video, the narrator mispronounces the word "parental" as it is written, instead saying "prenatal". That should tell you everything you need to know.
    • Damien (Note the proper spelling I use here, pronounced DAY-mee-uhn, which you missed) is not stupid. He simply recalled incorrectly what he thought he saw, heard and read. I also caught the error in the video and noticed it was not said correctly as "parental," but instead was said "paternal."

      That said, "Damine is Stupid" (pronounced DAY-meen or duh-MEEN or duh-MYN), from your comment, you appear to be the stupid one because you think that "parental" and "paternal" mean the same thing. Come now. Go dig out your Funk & Wagnalls and look up both terms for your own clarification so you don't embarrass yourself again in the future.

      Last, I admonish you to not needlessly poke your nose where it ought not be--nor isn't welcome--just to berate someone.

      Best of luck in your future.
    • Are you stupid? He said paternal. Which is the exact same thing as parental.
  • I have been looking to start up writing again. I saw real writing and read a lot of negative things about it. I after found my writing, and have really found anything. does anyone have any information good or bad about this site and its promises. I'm not looking to get rich quick. im willing to work for the money and it seems they have the work, but there's not a lot to go on right now.many help would be nice.
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