Reviews – Is NeoBux Legit or a Scam? is a pay to click website that recruits users and advertisers and brings them together on their website.  NeoBux pays their users to view and click the content placed there by advertisers in exchange for a predetermined amount.

NeoBux is free to join, and promises their users at least one advertisement per day will be provided for them to view.  In addition, NeoBux allows their users to increase their rate of pay by referring other members to NeoBux and mentioning you as their referrer.

NeoBux allows you to acquire referrals with banner ads, word of mouth, or actually by renting referrals from NeoBux itself. Renting referrals means that, for a small monthly fee, members of NeoBux who signed up without being referred by someone will be assigned to your downline.

Finally, NeoBux has an evolving system for payouts, allowing you to cash out your account for the first time once you reach $2.00, but after every subsequent payout, your minimum account level must one dollar higher than last time until you finally reach a minimum of $10.00 in your account before you’re allowed to pay out.  $10.00 is the max, however, so once you reach that level it will stay there.

So What’s the Deal with NeoBux?

Well, NeoBux is free to join, they guarantee daily ads, they have an aggressive anti-hacker stance and program which keeps them in good favor with advertisers, and they have a reasonable and well organized guide to their referral system.  All-in-all, NeoBux looks like a very legitimate paid to click website.

There’s only two issues with NeoBux as far as I can see.  One, in order to prevent hacking and cheating, they have strict guidelines about having only account per computer and only one user per IP being able to click accounts per day.  This makes it difficult for multiple in-house family members to be a part of NeoBux, and has actually resulted in some users being kicked out of their NeoBux accounts even though the users felt they hadn’t done anything wrong.

Essentially, it’s important to understand NeoBux’s strict stance on this and plan ahead if there is some reason why it would be difficult for you to comply with these limitations.

And finally, unless you are  willing to have an aggressive strategy to recruit referrals, the per click pay amounts are so low that some users may question if it’s worth it.  For example, if you are not willing to get referrals, NeoBux states that you will be paid $.01 (one cent) per click.  Unless you are getting tons of ads per day to click on, you can imagine how long it would take you to get to that $2.00 payout, much less to that $10.00.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • This guide pulled in over $1500 cash, totally FREE!
  • All of us have a dream of earning money through our own efforts.I too have it.I have been in online search for many months to make money online.Changing the keywords legit,without scam etc did not help me.But one day i came across neobux. Studied it for many days.I am sure that this site will give me decent earnings in a few months.It is a humble request from my part for anybody serious,i repeat serious(because hard work is necessary.No one will give us money for free) about making money for a good living when you take a decision to join this site. May god help us for our efforts.Thank you.
  • I am a common man.I have a dream of earning money through Neobux .I have found this website after months of my investigation about making money online.Currently i have 99 rented referrals and no direct referrals.I need to have direct referrals for obtaining a stable income.It is a humble request from my part for anybody serious about making money for a good living. May god help us for our efforts.Thank you.
  • I only joined this website for not more than three months. From my point of view, it has a solid 5 to 6 years foundation. There are success stories of veterans such as Reggen666, Schen and others. Some of them have more than 5 digit income. It does pays members as long as they reach $2 payout. There are many payment proofs in this forum. Just want to say members cannot only depend on rented referrals, they should also get active direct referrals. Although it's not easy, but with a little patience you will still manage to get it.
  • Salaam.

    I can't believe more people haven't reviewed neobux.

    I first joined neobux back in November of 2009. I stuck around for 6 months, invested around $300, and had about 639 rented referrals (no direct.) It didnt seem like neobux would be able to offer me any decent returns within my desired time frame, and I didn't like the idea of having to invest so much of my money. Basically, I was impatient and I left. I was able to recover about $150 of my original $300 before leaving and I just stopped signing in and let my referrals expire. Their TOS states that any account inactive for more than 60 days automatically gets suspended.

    In the mean time, I looked at trading stocks and futures in the American markets. I thought these would surely be a better choice than neobux (and they are, but only for the experienced, disciplined, and well capitalized investor/trader). But I ended up losing big in both the stock and futures markets. Where I lost money, I gained a lot of experience and I'm ready to tackle these markets once again. But this time, I realized that the rate of return proposed by neobux was actually decent compared to how I was performing in the American financial markets.

    That is why I re-opened an account with neobux in February 2012. I didn't waste any time on going golden ($90 for a year) and with the previous experience of renting referrals, maintaining a decent click average from referrals, taking advantage of the holiday discounts that the neobux Admin gives once in a while, and being patient, I hope I will succeed where I failed last time. I do not plan on going Ultimate; I will just stay at Golden and try to maintain the maximum 2000 referrals allowed for that level and within 1 to 1.5 years, I hope to be making gross profit of at least $20 per day.

    Please check out the neobux forums (it is very huge) if you are interested.

    Some things to note:

    -I've noticed that the average clicks for rented referrals is around 0.60 to 0.75 clicks per day. -Many strategies have recommended not to rent more than 20% of your existing referrals at a time, as this makes it difficult to extend referrals using the earnings from their clicks. So if you have already have a total of 10 rented referrals, don't rent more than 2 the next time, unless you have your own cash to spend on maintaining them. -It costs $0.20 (20 U.S. cents) to rent each referral, and they are yours as long as you can afford to keep them (as long as they dont expire). The commissions for extending each referral after you rent them depends on the number of days you want to extend and the number of referrals you have. Full details are on the neobux homepage, under "Member - More Info". -It is recommended to turn off autopay for your referrals and extend them for 150 to 240 days, as this gives a bigger discount and lowers your break-even requirements. The forums has a thread regarding the break-even averages for each membership level. -Whether you like this fact or not, the more money you invest into neobux, the the more money you will get in return (in theory, at least). This was one of the reasons I left originally, but I had to face this fact and eventually I came back. -Once you have your rented referrals, make sure to click the standard ads you are given daily, otherwise you won't get the clicks from your referrals. -On the 24 hours before a major holiday, be on the lookout for discounts in the "News" forum and take advantage of these as you see fit. -Realistically, no matter how much money you have and invest into neobux, you should expect to wait at least 1 to 2 years before you start to make a net profit on your investment.

    If you decided to join, then start out small. Don't rent too many referrals at once like I did, and then get impatient and leave.

    Salaam, and good luck.
  • I think many people does not tolerate the truth. NeoBux is like a job, you have to believe in it and you have to put in determination, ambition and devotion, just like everybody should do in a daily job. I'm a NeoBux user since April 2011, and I already earned more than $40, and it's always increasing, every single day. This is just like the internet gurus speech, and it's true. This is a residual income. This is a home based business. Everybody should follow me and my strategy, because every single person could earn lots of money with NeoBux.

    You can follow my strategy and tips about NeoBux in my blog. In this blog I talk about the attitude or behavior that everyone should do in this PTC service, and I give also some tips, infos and calculations about this PTC service. NeoBux is the best Paid To Click service in the world of internet, and you sould take it and enjoy it.

    Congrats to the Admin of NeoBux, to the owner of this page and to all the people that make NeoBux possible! Good luck to you all!
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