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Is Legit or a Scam?

Next Job at Home is a new website that claims to help people find legitimate work from home. They operate an email based membership site that is free to join. They also claim to offer additional resources in helping you find a job online.

So how does it all work? After you sign up for the Next Job at Home newsletter you’ll begin to receive a series of emails that feature a variety of work at home jobs and some educational resources about how to find the best possible jobs out there.

The job leads that they send your way come from a variety of resources, including craigslist, popular job search engines, and private contractors. The jobs range from writing jobs to a variety of telecommuting work.

The leads that they provide you with seem like solid work opportunities, however availability is definitely not guaranteed and since these leads are coming from very high profile sources you can bet that there’s a lot of competition, especially for the really desirable jobs.

So why are there so Many Complaints against

When researching Next Job at Home you may have run across some negative feedback against this site. This begs the question if all they’re doing is providing people with links to real jobs, where’s the harm being done.

The answer to that comes from the fact that they wrap their emails and newsletters in unsavory work at home advertisements. For every 3 job listings there’s roughly one ad for a work at home scam that they are affiliates for- meaning they earn commission if you sign up or buy the product.

Now, there are tons of legitimate and highly respected websites that pay their bills through sponsored ads. And many times they can’t control which ads are being displayed on their site, especially if they’re using Google AdSense which displays ads based on the page text.

The difference with, and the reason why many people call them a scam, is that they actively promote some of the worst home business products around. They send out promotional emails with titles like, “Work from Home Make 500 – $5,000 a Month” and other misleading hype.

The problem with this method is that many times folks mistakenly click on the ads thinking that they’re part of the legitimate job ads and end up buying into something under the wrong assumption. This is why if you’re going to use their site to find a job be sure that you don’t click on any advertisements.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Next Job at Home " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • iwould like to work part time here
  • they will not leave me alone. i woke up with 30 missed calls one day. one number i blocked so now they call me from others. when i tell them to stop emailing me it says it was not sent therefor they blow up my inbox. its really annoying DO NOT SIGN UP
  • Not sure where you guys are looking but i got an at home job from this site working for budget rent a's paet time but i havent had one problem.I think some of these comment about it not being legit aren't real people
  • The unemployment rate is so high. There are so many peole out of work that are desperate. Desperate can make you do desperate things. This old world God created for us, well the human race has become so bad. Everybody is trying to get a dollar anyway they can get it, but to scam someone who is needing a job is horrible. They already have no money, then you have to be so careful not to give away your last dollar to a crook. It like a kick in the teeth when you are already down. That takes a low person.

  • i'm giving nextjobathome a dreadful rating because once you sign up for emails, you can't get out. i've search for the opt out, unsubscribe and finally dug out a link that didn't work. i just let it go to my spam box, but it's ridiculous.
  • I am retired military and have worked from home through sub-contractor companies for 5 years. The wages are low (contractor house gets paid from the company a full rate and then pays a percentage to you. The contract house provides the benefits and administrative duties as well as a profit percentage for themselves). I have worked for a company directly and have gotten a higher wage, but the draw back is, they monitor your calls constantly and then critique you. I have not been hired yet but feel this site is better than others that I have seen. Time will tell and I will post after each event.
  • Although I have not signed up for this site as of yet, I am going to do so based on the comments from the people that have had some, even a little success. Being my mothers caregiver does not allow me the time to work out side of the home.(I have tried to find work but to no avail) My situation is what it is, but I need money so I will try this. I do not worry about getting scammed, because although desperate for some financial gain, I am not that desperate enough to give a credit card number for any reason. I also do not say yes to anything about schools, unless I am thinking about taking courses. No yes, no call. So I will see.
  • I have seen real jobs when I click the jobs links. Places like Nordstrom etc. I have also seen the Craigs;ist jobs,which I don't bother with. So far I can't find one to hire me. I wont pay to get a job. No one should have to do that.
  • My experience with Next Job at Home has been great. They provide me with legit job listings in my email inbox, and I also use their site to browse other listings. Though there are ads in the newsletters/site it is still easy to decipher which are ads and which are not
    • all i seem to get is a call to sign up for schooling. i DONT need schooling. and then i realize how they got my number. its misleading.
  • I can teach Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Research Methods, Econometrics at A-Level, BBA, MBA, Hons and similar.
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