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from 2 reviews Review It is the online home of NouLinx, a company which partners advertisers with new customers through a “pay-to-click” format which allows users to earn money just by watching ads and completing simple tasks.

The homepage of NouLinx says that their members can earn an “effortless income” with guaranteed daily ads, as well as access to a friendly community and the ability to earn instant payments.

Members who are interested in joining the community can do so completely for free, though they do offer different, upgraded accounts if you decide you are interested in taking advantage of some of their other features.

How Pay-to-Click Sites Work

Pay-to-click sites attract advertisers with the promise of giving them access to a brand new clientele – you and the other members of their community. Advertisers then submit ads to their site which they want to be seen by the users.

These ads vary in length depending on what the advertiser requests. You will know in advance how long you are expected to watch the ad and what you will be paid in exchange for viewing the ad.

You can sign up for this earning opportunity for free because NouLinx is paid by the companies who are advertising with them.

What To Know

The first thing people should know before getting involved with pay-to-click sites is that the payment you receive for watching these ads is very low, with most ads paying tenths of a cent.

And though many of these websites have low minimum payout amounts – often hovering around $3.00 to $5.00 – when you are being paid $0.005 for the ads you watch you can take some time to reach these payout levels.

These sites often let you earn extra money for referring new users to their website, and often this is one of the most effective ways to actually earn money with pay-to-click sites.

It is not impossible to earn money with these types of websites, but if you are new to the pay-to-click community, you should just be aware before you begin of the amount of time, effort, and strategy which must be invested into this opportunity to really earn money.

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Average Rating for " " is 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • I can say that before today is good ptc but now I can say bad site because my account balance is 3.50usd but now deleted my account so I can say noulinx is very bad site but I do not say what problem with noulinx but my account deleted now so I am doing request my payment. but not responed by now I can say this is a big scam site. I hope clear my payment after I can say that's good for me and others
  • This is the greatest site ever. It pays, it grows fast.:)
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