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Making money taking online surveys was one of the first and most popular methods of making money using the Internet.  Unfortunately, it’s now one of the areas most commonly marked by scams.

A simple Google search reveals a host of disreputable web sites trying to convince you that if you give them your money, you’ll soon be able to quit your day job!  The truth is that they’ll be the ones closer to quitting their day job.

Well I want you to know that you can make money with online surveys as long as you go through legitimate market research companies.  One of the companies that’s making headlines these days is NPD Online Research (  NPD Online Research is a real market research company that requires no subscription fees or enrollments fees of any kind before they begin sending you surveys.

NPD Online Research has an unconventional way of “paying” people for completing their research surveys.  Instead of the standard $1.00 – $5.00 per completed survey, NPD gives you a number of Sweepland points for every survey you complete.  Sweepland is NPD’s exclusive sweepstakes website.

After you earn a certain number of Sweepland points, you can use them to enter any sweepstakes on the website.  These vary anywhere from international trips to laptop computers to new furniture.  In addition to the sweepstakes, you are also automatically entered to win a monthly drawing for $1000.  Each survey you complete gives you another entry.

Obviously, the NPD system isn’t for those who are looking to make supplemental cash to pay bills or make extra money.  But if the recent economic downturn has put a damper on your vacation or home remodel plans, then maybe NPD is for you.  Every survey allows you the ability to be one step closer to getting the things you want but may not be able to afford right now.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " NPD Online Research " is 1.55 out of 5 based on 22 reviews.
  • I seems to me that NPDOR is a scam for the companies that pay them to do the research. Why? I have taken dozens of their surveys, and 99% of them will contain at least one question where none of the multiple choice answers that they supply correctly answers the question. And there is no "None of the Above" choice to select. So they force me to choose one of their wrong answers in order to continue and complete the survey. I have complained to them numerous times about this, and they will not respond to this issue. Here's an example: check all of these that apply: (1) I own a desktop computer that runs Windows 8. (2) I own a laptop computer that runs Windows 8. (3) I own a tablet computer that runs Windows 8. (4) I do not own a computer/I don't know what system my computer runs. Well, the correct answer is that I DO own a computer and I know that it runs Windows XP. So which one of these friggin' answers am I supposed to pick? Ridiculous. The results of surveys like this can't be of any value to the company that hired NPDOR, and there's the scam.
    • You're way to literal...obvious they don't care what other system your computer/etc uses if it's not Windows 8 ergo, choose I don't know.
  • This site is a scam and will always be a scam. Think about it they are getting paid very well, they purchase some cheap prizes for sweepstakes where only a few can win. The names are fake, no one has ever posted that they won anything from them. If you "google" Sweepland/NPD you will never find anything about the winners. Isn't that strange, I find it so. I could only find one article where someone won and they had a hard time with getting the prize and the company wanted them to pay for it. I am through with this site, I know that there are a lot of members but give me a break, people who have been members for years and still can't win a prize, the lottery has better odds. Why doesn't the site tell you exactly how many entries are for each sweepstake prize, they only give you a percentage, that doesn't help. The names are fake and I do believe the same people are winning (those who are paid to say they won something)I don't think they are giving out anything. These people should be exposed as scammers and reported.
  • it is a joke....does anyone ever win.I always qualify so I know it is not real and a scam,just to waste your time
  • I have not won anything. I think it's all a joke. I was looking at winners and typing there name on facebook, I found on man that had the name and place where he was from but hadn't been on facebook in months. I mean if these people are doing surveys there bound to have a facebook and most don't. that's strange to me!!
    • I spent 3k+ points on a camera. I quit for a few months when I didn't win because I was starting to get skeptical (and I just really hate surveys). I started again though, and then I actually did win something just a few months ago. Used about 2,000 points on a DVD, where my chances were fairly high. I honestly wasn't expecting to win, but I recieved an email saying I won (like a month or two later after I forgot all about it, but whatever). It all depends on the popularity of the prize, the quantity of the prize (there were 10 winners for the DVD prize I won), and the amount of points you spend on it.
  • are you kidding, NPD and their site sweepland are huge scams. Bigger scam than wincash247 lol. Its a front site. They want you to take surveys for no money, they get paid lots of money, then they give you worthless points in drawings they never pay out.

    If people are dumb enough to keep taking surveys for worthless points to drawings that are fake, then this scam site will never shut down I suppose.
  • Does anyone really ever win?? I think this is a scam.
  • This is a scam, nobody i know wins, never won anything. That's why they give a first name, then, a last initial. You can't check. Waste of time.
  • Who would want to offer surveys to South Africans? They want people that spend real dollars & have real computers that can be tracked.
  • Hey everyone just to be on the same page, i have 6,000 pnts and is it really worth it?
  • This site is not a scam; but it is not something you will make a lot of money with. It's hard to win the drawings because a lot of other people are also entered. Best to save up points for a long time and enter them all into one drawing. Not much of a payoff, but certainly not a scam either.
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