Obcasio Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Obcasio, found online at Obcasio.co, says that they have created a simple software program that gives people the ability to make minimum profits of $2,000 every single day that you use it.

As this company is establishing their software with a new audience of users, they have decided that each day they will only accept twenty new users to their website and software.

If you are accepted as one of the twenty new users they sign up on any given day, you will be able to get complete access to their software for no charge whatsoever and begin earning money that same day.

How Does Obcasio Work?

Actually, Obcasio provides nearly zero information whatsoever on how their software works or even what their software is doing to earn money. They do say that it is “a unique trading tool” that will earn users a minimum of $2,000 each and every day they use it.

They also say that this software has been specifically designed for people who have no knowledge or experience with trading or in the financial industry, so there is no need for people to worry about that when using this software.

In fact, the website says that there is no need to worry about anything when using this software, because it works completely on autopilot and earns thousands of dollars each and every day without the user even needing to “lift a finger.”

Should You Use Obcasio?

The short answer: no. Do not use Obcasio, do not trust Obcasio – all prospective customers should stay far away from this company and software.

In general it is likely that this software is just a binary options trading bot, where customers are asked to spend money depositing into a specific binary options trading platform, and then the bot makes basic trades on your behalf which may or may not result in earnings.

Bots are no good and there are websites all over the internet warning people to not use these software bots because they don’t work and are likely to lose your money. But Obcasio is actually worse than the average trading bot, because they don’t even respect their users enough to explain to them what their software will do and how they will do it.

They literally just want people to commit to giving their partner trading platform hundreds of dollars because they have promised them $2,000 a day “without lifting a finger.” At least other bots make the attempt to indicate the market information they will be using or the proprietary algorithms that will make the trades for you. This company doesn’t even respect their customers that little bit.

The bottom line is to just stay away from this company.

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