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No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of Offernation, a website which promises to give people a way to earn extra money from home with market research, one of the oldest and most popular internet industries.

Online market research is one of the internet’s most popular ways of earning money because it’s a very passive stream of income. Generally speaking, people are promised that all they need to do is provide their opinions about things they’ve already done or products they’ve already used.

People who are interested in working with this company simply need to sign up with their address and their active email address and they’ll be able to get access to all the available earnings opportunities on this site.

How It Works

Instead of just being a traditional market research or survey company, actually describes themselves as a Get Paid To website, which means that they offer more than just surveys to their members.

Currently their website says that they offer their members “exclusive” paid surveys, videos to watch, and trial offers. Members can sign into their account at any time and can choose whichever opportunities they are most interested in.

Though the website does not openly publish their withdrawal information, other websites have reported that once customers have accumulated 100 points, or the equivalent of $1.00, they will be able to begin withdrawing the funds they earned.

Is Legit?

The fact that does not ask their customers to pay any membership fees is very important, because often the first sign of an unethical market research company is the fact that they ask members to pay for opportunities.

The second good sign is that they appear to have realistic earnings claims for their customers, showing their prospective customers a list of their most recent customer payouts, all of which appear to be $5.00 or less. This is actually a very reasonable expectation for their new customers to have – market research isn’t really a way to earn large amount of money. It’s best when used as a supplemental form of income.

The one concern with this company, however, is that they do appear to promote using trial offers to earn money. Trial offers are not necessarily a bad way to earn money online, but they can be complicated. People who are not organized and forget to cancel the trial offer during the prescribed period of time often ending up paying significantly more in fees than they earn from participating in the trial.

Customers who decide to use this company for earnings’ opportunities should keep this in mind, and should never participate in more trial offers than they can keep track of.

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