Online Success Plan Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Online Success Plan, found online at, is a new product that says they can offer you a system that puts “truckloads of cash” into your bank account every day like clockwork.

The video presentation on the website says that viewers who watch their entire video presentation until the end will not only be eligible to be paid $500, they will also be eligible to win a brand new Mercedes.

In addition, users who sign up to take part in their promotion will also receive a variety of bonuses, including some materials that help people learn tricks to capitalizing on their wealth and other measures toward success.

What Does It Take?

The video presentation goes into some detail regarding their “Millionaire Website,” which is the system you will get access to once you sign up as a member of the Online Success Plan.

According to them, you cannot get access to this system through any other source than their website, and though they normally charge interested people more than $15,000 to become involved in their system, they are currently giving 50 lucky people the chance to sign up for just $97.

This $97 is not even considered a fee for the program itself, but rather a maintenance fee for the website they are running which gives you access to their product.

Is It Legit?

Online Success Plan has almost every warning sign and red flag of an unethical internet based company possible. First, they make outrageous claims, talking about the amounts of money that will be automatically deposited into your account, and the fact that they are giving you a system worth more than $15,000 for just $97.

Second, you are expected to provide your credit card number and pay them a fee before you even understand what you are actually getting in return. No company should ever ask for your payment information before giving you a clear understanding of what you will receive for your purchase, and the vague reference to a money making system does not count.

Finally, the company is clear that after you pay this small maintenance fee, there will be many other services, resources, and tools which they will attempt to sell you, but nothing that you purchase through their website is refundable. Many of these products and services also come with repeating, monthly charges, none of which can be cancelled until their company is notified in writing.

For all of these reasons, it seems like consumers should look for alternatives to Online Success Plan to do business with.

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Average Rating for " Reviews " is 1.62 out of 5 based on 45 reviews.
  • At the very bottom of the video page in small print is a Terms of Use/PrivacyPolicy link.

    Clicked it & the one line that got me was "The products and services provided on this site are for education and entertainment purposes only." Okay I'm done, over & out. If you click on these little links you will see what they are really about. A purchase agreement also appears at the top of the Terms of purchase page. Very enlightening. Sorry, non I did not purchase. I agree with Shann...always google.
  • Kinda saw the wrighting on the wall, but I'm 60 so should be a no brainier. Oh and Snipe, you need to grow up and be a little more mature. Remember not everyone is as smart as YOU think YOU are! Have a blessed day everyone and keep you're chins up!
  • Glad I saw this info, very helpful. I work hard for my money and almost had me. Thank you
  • After watching the videos I immediately check the reviews
  • So glad I read this so close Puting my card. Number thank u
  • This seems like the biggest load of horse crap I've ever heard that is how the guy who did the video is making his money you get five suckers in a day andd he's got $500
  • For the consumer...beware.

    For the business, be honest, be courteous, and don't spam individuals. Your "word of mouth" should reflect your morals... however, if you have no morals you have no word of mouth.
  • I'm glad u all spoke out the truth about the success program, ik almost fell for the hype and being a single mother on disability, i can't afford to throw away a penny.
  • These idiots need to stop sending me these emails for! I didn't request them, have no interest at all! I have a job so I don't need your "help"! Knock it off!!!
  • Have done everything that I can think of to stop junk/spam emails shortof calling the police and report ing it. Really tired of this!!!!
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