Reviews – Legit or Scam?

It looks like the owners of haven’t been paying to attention to the new FTC regulations. A quick look at their website reveals many violations of new and old guidelines put forth by the Federal Trade Commission, not mention a whole host of other shady practices.

These one page Google Kit type websites have been plaguing the Internet for close to a year now. They’ve made use of the latest tools in online deception, including billing fraud, and despite prevalent legal threats are showing no signs of slowing down.

I found out about The Internet Profit House by visiting a site called, which featured an article on Mary

Watch Out For Fake News Sites

Fake news sites are a recent marketing tactic used to sell a variety of offers, most commonly work at home programs known as Google Biz Kits.  Some of the more notorious programs include Google Money Tree, Easy Google Profits, and Internet Wealth Builder.

These fake news sites all follow the same basic template in which the site poses itself as a local online paper running a feature story on a successful work at home Mom or Dad.  The website owners use an IP tracking tool to make sure that the papers all have your local town in the heading.  So for instance if you live in Fresno, CA when

7 Ways to Make Money Online
Without Being Scammed…

It’s estimated that for every one legitimate online opportunity there are roughly sixty scams. The reason is that quite a few people seem to believe that there’s a magic package out there which allows one to make a lot of money on the internet with very little effort, and there’s always a less than reputable website willing to sell it to them.

To be perfectly honest there are many different ways to make money online, and working from home can be extremely rewarding. But there’s a big difference between a legitimate online job or opportunity and the unsolicited offers that often find their way into your inbox.

This is why

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

This is a list of resources for finding real work at home jobs. Although I’ve done my best to make sure all of these companies are legitimate and hiring, things change and I can’t keep up with all the websites listed here. So please use your best judgment when applying for any online job.

What Kind of Companies Hire at Home Employees?

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Income At Home Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a very powerful and effective marketing website that’s been involved in affiliate marketing for several years. The website has been aggressively advertised over several popular radio talk shows and they’ve even earned endorsements from some of the radio personalities themselves.

However, both on their website and over these radio ads, is actually conducting a marketing campaign for a company called Online Business Systems.

OBS is a long-time marketing partner of the mega vitamin and health supplement distributor Herbalife.

What is really about…?

The initial package costs $9.95 for shipping and handling and an additional $39.95 if you decide to keep it past 14 days. After