Paid Surveys and More Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Paid Surveys and MorePaid Surveys and More is a relatively new site that claims you can earn anywhere between $497 – $3,385 a month from taking paid surveys and participating in focus groups.

The website is run by Kim Robbins, who explains that she used to do surveys in her extra time just for supplemental income before she realized she could earn enough money participating in market research to just quit her job completely.  Kim claims that she is able to earn so much money because she doesn’t just limit herself to surveys, she also participates in focus groups.  But she also says she doesn’t work more than an hour or two each day.

Paid Surveys and More costs $34.50 to join, due to a limited time discount of 50% off the original price of $69.00.  If for any reason you are unhappy with your membership, Kim claims you can cancel for a full refund within the first 60 days.

So is Paid Surveys and More a Scam?

Well, there is a new name and a new spokesperson, but other than that Paid Surveys and More is the same old story.

People who have dealt with earning money by taking online surveys know that this job is really just for earning extra money, not for replacing your day job.  And they also know that the number one rule of how to make money taking surveys is that you should never, ever have to pay anyone to take part in market research.

Another problem is that while Kim does say that she takes part in focus groups, she doesn’t say that taking part in them requires you to pay money for products, services, or free trials up front.  This can often result in you paying out more money than you are actually earning by taking the surveys.

Finally, customers that have been dissatisfied with this program and have tried to cancel and get their guaranteed sixty day refund find themselves getting no response from their emails, and no money being refunded.  This is often the worst case scenario – not being dissatisfied with a particular program, but being unable to get your money back when you are.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I am so glad that I researched before joining this site. Being a retiree, I thought working at home would be a great and hassle free way to earn extra income. I was skeptical when I learned that I would need to pay o get started. After reading the reviews, I decided instead to get a regular job. Online jobs are not worth the risk.
  • john, here i mailed a money order in us funds, to the address on the computer, i live in canada, it cost me more even on discount . i phoned after, 6 wks. still not received my money order. that was in june. like your people, said, no reply finally today i got my envelope , back with my moneyorder, in us funds the address on.tocompany was scribbled oue sender was still clear, i received it back after all year searching i have my money be carefull
  • I just finished signing up, they took my money & lost their web site.

    What a rip-off! Just lost $45. That makes this lady & her site be thieves. She belongs in jail!!
  • I was all excited . I thought I had found what I had been praying for. I am a 46 year old disabled woman. I just got this computer less than 2 months ago. I am desperate living on disability to earn money. I have heard for years you can make money doing surveys. Well, I'd like to know how. I have nothing but time and do surveys but, they cut you off right ay the end or you go to a stupid coupon site. they get your info... even if you skip or say no and call and call. I don't know how this has happened but now my mom dad and brother are getting these calls several times a day!! this has been a total headache. If anyone knows an honest site email me please. [email protected] thanks. Good luck to us all.
  • I also was a victim of this website's scam. I paid $69 last year, and the first page to pop up on the site after they robbed me was a BS page whereas you had to purchase from other companies such as DirectTV or apply for a credit card, or some other nonsense, then they recommend you had so many days to cancel before you got charged a full amount for these purchases. What a freaking POS website this was!!!! PLUS I NEVER got a refund of my $69, even though I cancelled my membership a mere 20 minutes after I got it!!!! I sent this website countless emails, even some nasty emails, but NEVER got a stinking reply. Hope the damn website ROT IN HELL!!!!!
  • is there a way to get your money back?
  • thanks for the info guys I ALMOST fell for it too
  • I ask question about what mean is focus group they never answer,and if they have some person in the pma in Spanish, same same no answer
  • I am so glad I took the time and research paid surveys. I will stop immediately even pursuing anything that want me to pay to get paid. Thank you so much for your comments.
  • wow i am so very glad i came to see all of your reviews on this paid surveys and more. i have been trying to decide if i should do it,and this is what i have been seeing..... nothing but bad dreadful reviews. i am so sorry for all of you who got your hopes up i cant even try to put myself in your shoes with the stress this scam has caused you. it just goes to show that not even the internet can be trusted with our information,even though we are paying for it. people who can sleep at night while scaming good people who are just looking for extra money to support their fams should hope that God has mercy on their souls. thank you all for sharing your situation it was so very helpful,cant thank you enough..
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