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PartyLite, found online at, is a company which says they are focused on creating quality home fragrances and accessories, as well as giving their employees the ability to “create their own path to success.”

Started in the early 1900s by a schoolteacher who began crafting her own fragrant candles at home, in the early 1970s PartyLite Gifts became a direct selling business which focused on giving women the ability to enter the workforce on their own terms.

They currently have over 68,000 consultants in countries all around the world who sell their top quality home fragrances, candle accessories, flameless fragrances, and Two Sisters gourmet food products.

Direct Selling

Direct selling refers to the type of selling that is not done in a set, fixed location, like a retail store. Instead, the consultant sells directly to their customers, in home, at organizations like home parties, and online from personal websites.

PartyLite consultants will earn 25% profits on the sales they make, as well as a bonus income of 32% when monthly sales total $2,000 or more. Monthly sales include all sales from parties, your PartyLite website, and customers who order from you directly.

According to their website, one party each week and one online order each week will give you $400 a month in income. These figures are based on an average of $350 in party sales and online orders which total a minimum of $50.

How To Get Started

There are three different ways to get started as a PartyLite consultant. First, you can simply pay $99 and sign up online with their simple “Start Now” form to receive your sales kit.

But there are two different ways you can get started with PartyLite with no money out of your own pocket. First, you can just schedule a starter show. Hosting your own show which results in $350 in sales can get you your starter kit for free.

And second, you can start gathering orders. Once you receive $350 in orders for PartyLite, you can also receive your free starter kit.

Keep in Mind…

Direct sales opportunities do have the benefit of giving the consultant all the control over how much they work and when they work, which directly results in how much they will earn each month.

But this doesn’t mean that direct selling is easy. It will require a lot of hard work, flexible scheduling, and the ability to network with people, reaching out to new customers and creating new client bases to continue expanding your sales.

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