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People Helping People, or the PHPMovement Marketing System, is a new work at home money making opportunity which claims to help people get started with their own at home business for free.

This website is advertising a multi-level marketing, or network marketing, business opportunity. MLM opportunities are business opportunities which allow you to earn money through direct sales of products, as well as to earn money by recruiting new employees underneath you called your “downline.”

People Helping People claims that their proven marketing system can help anyone earn between $300 and $5000 each month, with no talent or special skills necessary, and you can sign up for free.

The Opportunity

When you sign up with PHPMovement Marketing, what you are signing up for is a business selling Nutri Thin, a weight loss supplement which claims to be a mood enhancing appetite suppressant that helps the body “melt fat and cellulite.”

But, more important than the product you will be selling, is how you’ll be selling it. People Helping People says that when you sign up with them, you’ll be provided with a proven road map to success, including many of the items you will need to start your business.

These items include: a fully established downline for purchase, a free week supply of Nutri Thin, a “business in a box” training system, an automated hands off sales system, five proven money making websites, and access to a success coach.

Warning Signs

Multi-level marketing opportunities can be hugely successful for some people. Many famous businesses such as Avon and Mary Kay fall into this category. However, being successful with multi-level marketing can be very difficult.

Many of the things People Helping People is offering you – the ability to purchase a downline, money making websites – all sound wonderful, and should help you in theory, but there are some things to consider.

Every person who signs up at PHP is receiving this very same help, for free. This means that all the help you’ll be receiving will be available to all your competition as well. Your “five proven websites” will be the same ones given to everyone you are working against for customers and new recruits. This may be a business model that is successful for PHP, but in the end it is more likely to work against you rather than for you.

If you have signed up for People Helping People and now have complaints about the service you are receiving, their sale page says they can you Unsubscribe from their communications by clicking the link on their homepage.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " People Helping People " is 3 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • It's legit but it's not for people who want to sit around doing nothing... It does require work and some social skills to sell the product which IS NOT NUTRI THIN SYSTEMS where did that come from? They sell life insurance and annuities and they recruit others to do the same it's not a scam the harder you work the more money you make THATS THE BOTTOM LINE
  • I have people in my family doing this PHP I want to know if it’s legit.
  • This company is still prospect for poor souls in the street who can do great things for themselves as Kong’s as companies like this one don’t take advantage of them with poor business practices and recruitment. They have now moved to insurance moving into -2020 BEWARE and RESEARCH
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