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PeoplePerHour is a website that connects small businesses with freelance workers from across the internet to help them complete small projects quickly and affordably.

According to, thousands of small businesses use them to hire remote, freelance workers to complete small projects, or just to work for a few hours a week. They claim this allows small businesses to stay flexible.

PeoplePerHour says this benefits small businesses because they can create virtual teams of people across the country – or even internationally – “without the red tape, cost, and bureaucracy of traditional employment.”

They have seven main categories of projects: IT/Programming, Marketing/Sales, Design, Admin/Secretarial, Writing/Translation, Accounting/Legal, or Other. Each category is broken into smaller, more specific categories so workers can something that works for them.

Both businesses and workers can register at for free. The website does take a small fee from workers, however, when they successfully book a job.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " People Per Hour " is 1.72 out of 5 based on 115 reviews.
  • Complain Complain Complain..thats all I get to ever hear about it from losers. I have been with People Per Hour for nearly six months. They are honestly the best aution website I have ever worked with. My Company CEO loves People Per Hour and their support team.

    I suggest you all get your facts checked. Yes, there are always rooms for improvement and they are getting there. No Auction website has bent over backwards like they do for freelancers.

    You talking of them charging higher fees.. grow up! the price of an employee has shot up too! you ought to increase your payout to freelancers as well. If you are looking for a 12 page Wordpress website with all the complexities for $100 or a little more than you are the scum..not they.

    Feel free to quote me - Respect the people who gets your work done and respect the people who give you the resources where as you be paying through your nose.
    • and what a hater you are rolfen!!
    • Oh wow some zealous fans you are...!
    • I have been using PPH for about 6 months too.

      Within a week I had 2 jobs paying about £250 each. Not my full rate, but hell - £500 for what is essentially 3/4 days work.

      I think freelancers should stop being greedy and be grateful of such trading platforms. What is the other alternative? Close the site down? Will they be better off then? I think not!!
    • Bend over backwards for freelancers????

      Paying through the nose I agree with.

      Of course prices go up but that is not a reason to increase the percentages. PPH takes 18% of earnings as commission and provides zilch customer service, they do not respond to queries, they ignore all your messages and hope you will go away. The only way to get any sort of response is to post on facebook and normally your post is removed very quickly but sometimes you do get a reply.

      PPH is probably still ok for clients but for freelancers it is a disaster, soon the only ones left will be the ones who cannot get work any other way. And the quality will go down.
  • This used to be a great workplace. But since Peoplperhour launched its new, extremely aggressive incentive,I can no longer afford the extortionate 20% rate that they charge their freelancers.

    Peopleperhour doesn't give a damn about its freelancers who are,after all, the ones keeping the organisation afloat - in a row-boat as opposed to a fancy cruise ship - but afloat all the same.

    The CEO and his acolytes are inspired by the teen-aged jargon of Urban Dictionary,and they are so arrogant, that they really feel they are above having their wrists smacked for a serious breach of copyright

    They offer (accurately) about 300 000 freelancers for rougly 2200 jobs - so from a client's point of view - he/she/it can't lose.
  • I have used People Per hour both as a 'Buyer' and as a 'Seller'. I find the whole thing suspect and massively unprofessional. People Per Hour is run by some faceless online team who haven't a clue what they are doing, and its owner is a shady Greek entrepreneur (which hardly inspires confidence). The organization is a shambles; as a freelancer, it's a nightmare getting paid, the fees are desperately low, and the 'support team' is 100% uninterested in the site's users. As an employer, I have found that all the freelancers applying for work are amateurs who probably can't get a 'proper' job. To be honest, both freelancers and employers could be absolutely anyone - they are never vetted by People Per Hour. The whole business is desperately unprofessional - I suspect it was set up by someone wanting to make a 'quick buck'. If you're a professional person, avoid People Per Hour; there are infinitely better and more professional sites that actually know what they are doing. People Per Hour? Disastrous!
    • Criticize the business and the entrepreneur, fine. But, what does his ethnicity have to do with it? Seriously, that mention weakens your whole argument.

      Also, if you know better sites, why not list some of them? Do you prefer elance, Guru, Craigslist, LinkedIn, what?
  • After reading all comments I created an account (just for fun )but I have got instant order and paid.not bad.
    • +1!

      Enough said really.

      I think all of the comments are the people who cannot write a decent proposal and have had bugger all work. Either that or they are working for competitor sites!
  • Wish there was an option of giving zero stars as a rating of 1/5 is a very very generous one. I am a professional Wordpress Web Developer working since 11 years. I decided to join this peopleperhour recently.

    Within a month I had a 100% rating and 7 glowing reviews from clients and of course had paid a huge share of my earnings to peopleperhour. I once left the UK to visit my home country. Peopleperhour called my home & my family member not well versed in English could not answer the phone as was expected by the arrogant peopleperhour team. Without sending me an email notification, they blocked me and wrote next to my profile that I had been banned

    I started receiving skype messages from concerned clients asking why I was kicked out. When I wrote to peopleperhour to explain, I received several messages from them from different so called 'ninjas' saying contradictory things!!! No one apologised and they are a truly unprofessional, mismanaged company who need to have a basic lesson in etiquette before continuing to work. The rude ninja Sebastian thinks he owns the company - or probably in reality does own it. His attitude is unbelievably arrogant.

    The ninjas need to learn to say the word SORRY when required. I have left peopleperhour for good as they do not respect us providers. A very strange attitude to not respect provides who are in fact their clients who PAY THEM. No wonder most reviews here are negative - a big eye opener.
  • I hired several freelancers using PPH and the results were mixed.

    What annoyed me was that I had a credit in the account which I left there for the next job, however when I returned to PPH after some time the account had been deleted and thus I lost the amount in the account.

    Whilst it was not a lot of money, nonetheless I feel disappointed that PPH should feel free to close my account and pocket the balance in the account.

    PPH: Not very professional or honest.
    • I agree Peopleperhour is not an honest company. I have had a bad experience too. They take ages to respond to emails, keep sending emails about the same thing with different names. Its very unethical to pocket members' money without their consent!
  • The guys dont care about customer service I used it a few times and had problems with a guy who had no idea what he was doing. I informed them that he was not doing what I asked for my website. They never replied to the emails I sent saying they never received them when I phoned up, its a scam.

    Avoid like a plague
  • People people... I am currently finishing my 5th job using I have received the payments for all the jobs I have finished... I have a good ranking... It is either you and a possible lack of quality or you are just a competitor disguised as a comment poster... Cheap trick..
    • I personally have completed about half a dozen web sites, a few logo designs. All with repeat work. No problems at all
    • Jim, can you be more specific about the jobs you've performed for them?

      Are they IT projects???
  • Stay well clear of PPH, they are going nowhere. Having been a freelancer with them for a few months and won a couple of contracts I found them to be extremely inefficient and very poorly organized. I have been taken off the site on two occasions without so much as a by your leave, no explanation, nothing!! It appears that as soon as you request money from the client everything grinds to a halt, irrespective of the fact that the client had deposited funds. There are much better freelance sites out there with much lower fees and a lot less hassle getting paid. If PPH continue to treat their customers in this way then they will not survive and do not deserve to. My advice would be to use a more professional organization with a solid background.
    • This entire page screams of competitors writing false reviews.

      Thus - the down side of non verified reviews.
    • There are much better freelance sites out there with much lower fees and a lot less hassle getting paid.

      - Examples?
  • I have been working as a freelancer at for quite some time...

    In the area of translation, where I am active the most, I could say that the payments are higher than any similar site I have used. Also, as it is now, I can find better financial rewards than my work in real life.

    If I was a client, I would also prefer it if I could, for a partial work.
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