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Postal Job Placement, located online at, is an online service which claims to help people be able to successfully go through the US Postal Service hiring process.

According to their website, is not actually affiliated with the United States Postal Service; rather they are just a job resources and training service that you can use to give yourself a better opportunity to be hired with the USPS.

To access to the training tools and resources that this website has to offer, you must Register and pay a deposit of $70, either upfront or over the course three weeks, as well as provide your name, email address, and residential zip code.

How Does It Work?

First, in order to get a job with the USPS, you must be over 18 and a US Citizen. After you register with this website, you can get access to all of their tools and resources, which begins with a Hiring Guide that gives you an overview of the hiring process.

You will also have access to Job Alerts, so you can be emailed when job openings are posted in your area, and a Job Locator which shows available openings all over the country.

Finally, they also offer Exam Simulator which is an automatically timed and graded practice system similar to the official exam, as well as Tips for Getting Hired and Live Agent Support.

What to Know

Their website says that after you register, you will have access to all these tools and resources for a period of only four months, after that your registration becomes inactive.

In addition, though they say most candidates can get through their program and be hired within a couple weeks, depending on job availability, they cannot guarantee you that you’ll be hired.

But the most important piece of information to know is that even though their website says that your $70 deposit will be refunded after you take your official Post Office Exam at the testing center, they don’t actually have a system of automatic repayment.

Instead it is up to you to contact them with proof that you took your exam and to officially request a refund of your deposit, otherwise they will not return your money.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Postal Job Placement " is 1.8 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.
  • 1-844-694-2572 is the number for USPS Employment Assistance. They are a legitimate support division for those seeking employment with the US Postal Service. I know this to be true because Mr Stevens helped me get hired 4 months ago. USPS Employment Assistance is a company in compliance with the US Postal Service, this is NOT a scam at all. Again they helped me get hired. USPS Employment Assistance has NOTHING to do with the bogus fraud companies like Postal Job Placement, Career Advancement Group, Postal Job Hiring Center, Postal Job Locator, etc. Those companies sell books, USPS Employment Assistance is the real support agency.
  • Saw an ad on Facebook and sadly, as with all things advertised on Facebook, it turned out to be a total scam. I called the number provided (1-844-694-2572) and the gentlemen seemed legit enough reading from a script with reassurance. What he most wanted was my credit card number which I never give to anyone over the phone. He was persistent, but I refused every different way he asked. Since then, my e-mail has been bombarded with follow-up questions and assurances of immediate hire if I were to pay $100 for study materials. All anyone needs to know that the post office DOES NOT charge anyone to apply for a job. Go directly to the post office's web site if you want to know if they are hiring in your area.
  • Yes. Who ever did this scam has made tons of money off of us. I paid 95 dollars. I will say they were very prompt and professional. I also passed my test with flying colors - so I'm not too mad, but I hate I got scammed. Losers.
  • I am pissed too! Paid $70.00 and $39.00 for the test review. Now I gotta start over and pay more fees with another agency?

    How do we get our money back? That's what I want to know.
  • Im pissed.. When trying to better yourself the last thing you need is to be scammed
  • I wish that I could have given it a zero.this site is a scam. They say $75 but ended up charging $125, and every time I checked the list there were never jobs available in my state (yes I said state) and the final insult was when I finally (after a year) found one, not only in my state, but the city that I live, in the middle of filling out the application the site dropped prompting me to reset my password. And due to the fact that my password supposedly expired you cant change the password or reset it ,and when you dial the help center its always busy.

    So in my opinion this site is bullshit,it is just a scam to get your money `
  • I SURE didn't know any better. I paid the fee and actually received some very professional help for a while to keep me on track. I lagged behind for a while and went overseas for six weeks and come back to start studying again and I had trouble logging back on. I finally got on for a short time and tried again a day or so later and was unable to. I called the numbers and one was no longer in service and the other was ALWAYS busy. I called the local post master and he told me I could simply Google the exam and study online for free. I guess it wouldnt hurt to try and get my money back. My advice is don't fall for it. There are plenty places to go to online to study for free but still be cautious, there may be more sites to pull you in and get your money.
  • I fell for it, I was also promised a bonus.. I have not received it nor have I been able to get a hold of anyone. The numbers are no good and "jackie" the one who handles the bonus is nowhere to be found..
  • Thought it was working well. Took several practice exams. Logged on to continue my progress and it wanted me to start over. Then said the Web site was down for maintaince. When back up still not working right so I called several different 800 numbers and none of them work now so called my bank and got a refund since I can't contact anybody. Also requested a new card number since I gave to these scam artits over the phone.
  • I went through website and biggest scam ever I cal my credit card company and told them Wat happened and they gave me back my money
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