Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 10 reviews Review It is a rewards website that gives its members points whenever they complete surveys, product offers, or other activities requested by their sponsors and partner websites.

The website says they have “an endless selection of prizes.” You can redeem your points for video game codes, prepaid game cards, clothing, music, Amazon gift cards, and a large selection of other prizes.

Becoming a member of is completely free and just requires you to provide your full name, email address, a created password, your mailing zip code, and you must be at least 13 years of age.

Are Reward Sites Legit?

Reward sites are a popular way of earning extra money online, and they can work in two different ways. First, they can require you to download software in order to record your normal daily activity, and they will pay for the time you spend online.

The second type of rewards site requires you to do specific actions – watch videos, answer surveys, respond to product offers and more in order to earn your compensation. This is the category PrizeRebel falls into.

Both types of reward sites are legal. However, it is important to evaluate each reward site individually to see whether or not it is safe and has a respectable reputation before you do business with them.

What to Know

While is free to sign up for, only some of the offers they give their members are free. Others require your credit card number or trial memberships – be careful of any offers which may cost you money.

Online PrizeRebel guides also suggest that you create an email address specifically to handle the volume of email that you will receive from the website; though the site promises not to sell any of your information to third party sources, this will protect your primary email address from being overwhelmed by advertiser offers.

You will also find online videos and websites offering a PrizeRebel hack – they claim to have ways to get into the reward site system to increase your point totals. Any members found trying to take advantage of these hacks will be kicked out of the program and their points will not be honored.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 3 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
  • requested the prize and .. banned
  • I have used PrizeRebel now for about 4 years, its a great way to make extra money. I mean you are not going to get rich but you can make $25 - $50 bucks a month consistently and they pay out super quick unlike some other sites!
  • It's pretty good its redeeming my 20$ steam gift card which took me about a week but the worst part about the site is how sometimes you don't get the points for completing an offer probably spent 24+ hours on this site because of that reason
  • Was banned without explanation as soon as I attempted to cash in a reward. Total scam, and waste of time!
  • Only been using for a few weeks and already have redeemed a $10 LoL card. Site is good. Just do surveys through 'Dailies" or 'Your Surveys', I find them the easiest to qualify for. Most 'OfferWalls' ask you to pay money or only offer 1 or 2 points for a video. I only use 'PeanutLabs' on the offer wall.
  • LEGIT SITE. Do trial offers and then cancel. That is the fastest way to make money. Once I got 30$ within 30 minutes. Be smart. Not always fast money.

    Fast shipping! Do paypal for direct money transfers. Have been using this site for 3 years.

    Just make a new email so you aren't spammed with emails.
  • Pretty Good Website Made a few bucks.....
  • Scam. Once you try to claim a prize, they will just make up an excuse to ban you instead of giving it to you. "
  • as soon as i redeemed points for a gift card i was banned from the site. It said that i had two accounts when in fact i only had that one. It is a scam and ripoff site and i wouldn't use it if i were you.
  • I use prizerebel to get gift cards on ebay and amazon. The surveys are mostly easy. fast and fun way to get some prizes off the internet for free.
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