Project First Sale Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Project First Sale is a new work at home opportunity offered by speaker, author, and internet marketing entrepreneur Mark Wilson which claims to help average, every day people earn a living online.

In the training video available on, Mark Wilson says that he used to work at a Starbucks and spent an extended period of time losing money while trying different failing methods to earn money online.

But now he is a successful online businessman, and promises that he can teach anyone – with no technical knowledge or special skills – how to go from making nothing online to making hundreds of dollars online in just one day. And his training program only costs a one time fee of $46.

The Project First Sale Opportunity

Generally speaking, Project First Sale will train people how to become internet, or affiliate, marketers. Affiliate marketing is currently one of the fastest growing, most popular online industries.

In internet marketing, you partner with various companies to promote their goods and services online. If your promotions result in sales for your partner companies, you will be paid a commission, which is generally a small percentage of the sale cost.

What You Should Know

It appears that Project First Sale was officially launched within the last two weeks and currently claims to only be available for sign up and purchase by new members who were invited to take part in the program.

And unfortunately – due to the newness of the program – there doesn’t seem to be much available information from the new users of this training course on how it is working in reality.

However, internet marketing training courses that make claims such as you can “earn thousands of dollars a day on autopilot” are severely misleading their customers. Reaching a level of internet marketing where you earn thousands of dollars a day with little to no work is only a result of years of hard work and effort establishing a business, and isn’t sustainable. Like any business, you will have to work at it to earn money.

Project First Sale is a Clicksure product. Clicksure offers a 60 day “risk free” money back guarantee; however, their actual money back guarantee states that any customer seeking a refund must be able to prove that your product is defective.

If you want to collect a refund simply because you are unhappy with the product you’ve received, your claim must be approved by Clicksure before you can receive your refund.

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