Project Income Club Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Project Income Club, at, is a website from work at home entrepreneur Paul Jenkins, who claims that with his opportunity you can earn $175,000 a year with just an hour or two of week a day.

But while Jenkins claims that his opportunity will give you the ability to earn between $4,800 and $9,800 a day, he says you won’t be able to earn that kind of money until after you have built and established your online business.

However, while you are building and establishing your business, he says you will still have the ability to earn an extra $120 to $1200 a day, with just a few hours a week necessary to start.

What is the Opportunity?

The Project Income Club is ultimately trying to sign up new affiliates for MyPCBackup. MyPCBackup is a website that promises safe, secure online backup of your PC files, including but not limited to photos, music, emails, videos, and document files.

Jenkins says that MyPCBackup pays its affiliates $120 for every new member they sign up to MyPCBackup, which, according to him, is a service that everyone who owns a computer needs and costs less than $10 to sign up for.

In order to earn your commissions, you’ll need to sign up with the MyPCBackup affiliate program, receive your special affiliate link, and then post that link online. When people use that link to sign up for the program, you’ll be paid your commission 30 days later.

The Concerns

Well, with any affiliate marketing program, the main concern is always how “easy” the work is made out to be. While saying that you can earn $120 a day with an hour’s worth of work is not exactly false, it isn’t exactly true either.

Affiliate marketing is driven by getting people to your link and convincing them to purchase your product. Getting people to your link is incredibly difficult unless you already have a website that has lots of traffic, and not everyone who gets to your link will purchase the program.

But if you are willing to put in the time and effort, affiliate marketing can be a lucrative independent business. Before you commit to any specific program, however, it’s always best to conduct free research online to make sure that the opportunity fits you.

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