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Public Sector Jobs, found at, is a new job search website that helps people specifically looking for new employment within the public – or government – sector.

According to, the public sector is the largest and most stable employment environment in the US, with 20,000,000 currently active positions with an expected increase in available positions by 10% or more over the next decade. is free to use. All they ask is that you accurately fill out your name and email address, for contact purposes, and then fill out a short questionnaire for them before you are able to access their jobs database.

The Purpose of the Questionnaire does not give an explanation for why they would like you to fill out this questionnaire before you can access their job listings, but the answer can easily be found in their Privacy Policy.

They state that they “may from time to time send you offers for goods or services relevant to the categories of interest you have chosen,” and that submitting your contact info to them gives them permission to send you “special offers that would be of value to any online customer.”

Also, they do share your information with affiliates and outside third parties to use for advertising purposes. So be aware that when you fill out the questionnaire on further your education, declaring bankruptcy, or finding cheaper health insurance, that your email inbox will soon be filled with advertisements from companies related to these topics.

The Bottom Line

After you have finished filling out the questionnaire at, you will be taken to, another job search site that will require you to complete yet another questionnaire before you can access their jobs database.

This second questionnaire is the same as the first, in that your information will be given or sold to third party sources to contact you, including your phone number. If you input your phone number, you will be contacted by sales people via the phone, whether or not you have registered with the National Do Not Call Registry.

Neither of these sites should be considered a good jobs search resource. If you are actually interested in government job, check, the government’s free, easy to use jobs search website.

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  • Soooooo annoying, I can not search any page and your pop up won't go away, you make my day hard and difficult, if I see you face to face I love to punch and knock you IDIOTS.
  • They are using a popup that is not blocked on my computer that does not allow you to get off it. This stuff is so annoying. No professional business would need to resort to this.
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