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PureProfile, found online at PureProfile.com, is a website which says their goal is to help people make new discoveries about themselves and the things they love, all while having the opportunity to earn rewards.

Signing up for your account at this website is completely free, and initially won’t take more than a minute. However, in order to build your profile to the point where you have the most opportunities for brand recommendations, research campaigns, and earnings, you will need to take some time to detail your profile by answering a long list of questions in a variety of different areas.

What to Know

As a market research company, the more information you are willing to give them about yourself, your background, your demographics, your preferences, and your experiences, the more interaction the website will provide you with, because the companies they work for contract them specifically to get access to their specific target market.

You are also encouraged to join groups, which is a special feature of their website which takes the information you have provided to them and invites you to join groups of like-minded people. These groups let their companies quickly and easily send invites or product information to groups who will be interested in what they have to offer.

As you build your profile and join groups, you will receive surveys that are appropriate for your market, and the more surveys you receive, the more rewards you can earn. Their website says that they have paid out more than 14 million dollars in awards since they were established 10 years ago.

Is It Legit?

Online market research is well known as one of the oldest and easiest ways to earn money using the internet at home.

However, the popularity of this industry has created a crowded and competitive field, where many websites will provide a ridiculous number of rules and restrictions in order to try to get their users to fill out surveys without ever being able to withdraw their earnings, so they can keep all the money paid to them by the companies collecting the data.

PureProfile doesn’t appear to be this type of company. Their payout threshold is quoted at $20, which is reasonable in this field, and they don’t seem to have a long record of customers who complain about their ability to get paid.

They do, however, have some reports of difficulty getting survey invites and technical issues with their accounts, which have resulted in problems withdrawing their money. Unfortunately neither of these complaints are uncommon for market research companies.

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Average Rating for " PureProfile Reviews " is 2 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • Last year everything was perfect! 3-4 days wait for rewards. This year it seems they have got more slack. This is the 11th day since I redeemed my points for my PayPal reward. I have been told it now takes 10 days. Obviously this is not true. Their replies have also been extremely snarky and utterly rude.
  • All depends on who the review is for. I earned $12 for one. Spent three quarters of an hour on lo and behold, private health insurance and I received the hefty sum of 10 cents. Typical.
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