QuickThoughts App Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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QuickThoughts.com is the online home of the QuickThoughts App, a company that says they love people’s opinions and they want to help them make their opinion count by giving them a chance to participate in online market research.

Their website says that their mobile application is available for both iOS and Android platforms so almost everyone will be able to use their app to be sent surveys, especially because it is free for customers to join their platform and to use their mobile application.

How It Works

To get started, all customers have to do is download their app, fill out their basic questionnaire, and register, all for free. Then customers can choose to go to their app whenever they want and click the “Find me a survey” button.

Customers can also arrange to receive push notifications from the application whenever there is a specific survey opportunity available for you. Surveys are distributed based on specific demographic information that is requested by the surveyor – because of this, surveys will not always be available for you.

In addition their website says that their members are currently limited to only being able to complete five surveys a day at this time, and the amount of points you are awarded for completing a survey will depend on the length, difficulty, and subject of the survey.

When you have earned points totaling $10, customers will be able to redeem them for gift codes to major retailers.

The Concerns

Actually this company appears to have excellent customer reviews in general, and many people have spoken highly of the convenience of having a mobile application that simply alerts you whenever a survey that fits your demographic is available to be taken.

That being said, it appears that within the last few months, customers have begun complaining that they are having difficulty with their accounts. They have been locked out or worse, they have not been given their gift codes and customer service is not responding to inquiries.

Seeing as how this company used to have such positive reviews, it is odd that their members would suddenly be experiencing such problems. Some members have talked about how the company may have changed ownership recently and that’s the cause of these problems, but that has not been verified.

In the meantime, customers are welcome to download this free application for themselves and see whether or not it works for their needs, but it is best to be aware up front that there may be some issues.

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