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Rich Uncle’s, found online at, is a company who says their goal is to create a platform that makes real estate investment accessible for everyone who wants to get involved.

Traditionally speaking, real estate investment was thought to only be available to people who had large sums of investment capital that they could translate into large stakes in investment opportunities.

Rich Uncle’s has a goal of making this type of investment available to people with different levels of capital available, so this type of investment opportunity is no longer off limits to the general public.

How Does It Work?

The whole concept of Rich Uncle’s rests on something called a Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, which is a corporation that takes capital from many different investors and uses it to buy and then operate income producing real estate.

In addition, REITs are exempt from taxes if certain standards can be met, including the distribution of at least 90% of the taxable income. REITs make this possible by generating and distributing this income to their shareholders in dividends.

Finally, this company does not pay commissions, instead choosing to use the internet for advertising and finding investors, which reduces their overhead and increases the percentage of returns they distribute to their members.

Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?

This company is funding real estate investment opportunities through a specific type of a crowdfunding platform. They say that their potential investors can begin purchasing ownership in REITs with investments of just $500.

Using the crowdfunding platform to raise capital for real estate opportunities is becoming a popular new concept in real estate investing. It not only opens up real estate investing to people who only have small amounts of money to invest, but it is beneficial for the properties and owners themselves.

Crowdfunding often allows these properties to be funded easier and faster than going through the traditional routes of finding bank funding or investors with large amounts of capital who are interested in the opportunity.

So this type of real estate investment is growing in acceptability and popularity, and people who are interested in it can look at the opportunities available through Rich Uncle’s, or other companies that take a similar approach.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Rich Uncle's Reviews " is 2.1 out of 5 based on 104 reviews.
  • Does this REIT qualify for a 1031 exchange?
    • We do have the ability to help you with a 1031.

      Please call our office at 855-RichUncles.

      Thank you.
  • I invested 18K and needed it all back after my wife wanted a new state of the art fridge and to remodel our bathroom. It took only one quarter to get my money, plus $300 in dividend profit back. I only was asked why I was leaving the REIT. Once I told them, it was fine. Not sure what the other people are griping about. If they make a mistake, tell them! Keep your records and emails as proof. They are very responsive.
    • I made two investments with them last year, the first was a lump sum pension plan payout rolled over into an IRA, the other was part of the profits on the sale of a house. Both of these have paid the historical 7.5%, on time.

      No complaints here!
    • Does anybody do math?

      The CA REIT was paying a 7.5% annual cash dividend. $18,000 with a 7.5% annual cash dividend would yield $1,350 in dividend payment or $337.50 per quarter.

      This isn't buying lottery tickets or gambling. This is owning income producing commercial real estate. You receive a cash dividend along with any property value increases as our leases have an average annual rental increase of 2%.
    • @Fred, if you actually read the comment he says he got his initial investment of 18K PLUS a $300 dividend. You should stick to investing in lottery tickets.
    • Invested 18K and only got $300 back??? Sucky rate of return...
    • Thank you, Carlos.

      Investor satisfaction is our top priority.
  • This is a private REIT. If you purchase there is no market for

    your investment, you will need to sell it back to them and who knows how long that will take or what you will receive. There are

    hundreds of public REITS on Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab and other

    brokerage houses from which you can choose. Those are public so

    there is some regulation and oversight as well as protection. Also,

    public REITS are required to distribute 90% of all income back to the

    investors...what percent does RU distribute? Rich Uncles has the

    look, feel and smell of a Ponzi scheme. Why would you or anyone else

    invest your money with anyone who asks for it on the radio? Be

    careful and do all your due diligence.
    • This is not accurate.

      Rich Uncles NNN REIT is a public company. Search the SEC for evidence:
  • What was the time for the $11 dividend? Month, qtr, etc?
    • Rest assured all accounting will be promptly rectified. We did switch systems and apologize if any error did occur.

      Also, Rich Uncles does not employ any commission based salespeople. None. Our Investor Relations staff are all employees of the REIT who earn no compensation based on your investment.
    • Quarterly. I was called and told they are having problems with their new accounting program
  • I have over $80,000 invested and I just received my divided check for $11, needless to say I'm not happy! They make mistake after mistake and seem to not know what in the heck they are doing, and their sales people call me over and over. I think it's about time I Quit! Don't invest! It's a wast of money!
    • The accounting on you account is accurate. If a mistake was made in a dividend payment it will be rectified immediately. We have an A+ Rating with the BBB. Who are you speaking with at Rich Uncles? We take these matters very seriously and respond promptly.

      Howard Makler

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