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Safe Simple Commissions is a new work at home program which promises that “normal, everyday people” can earn money from home with a simple formula that requires no special skills.

According to Bill Gregory, the man behind Safe Simple Commissions, this system will teach users how to “hack into the biggest internet goldmine” available and then use his easy to follow formula that makes you real money.

If you are interested in working with this system, Gregory says that it is 100% free to use “after you are set up,” and that this program will have no follow up costs, such as advertising or broker fees. The fee to begin setting up your system, however, is $39.

The Promises

Safe Simple Commissions is an affiliate marketing program. This means that you partner with other companies to promote their products or services through online links. When your link results in a sale for that company, you will receive a commission.

The presentation says that since there is no cost of creating your own product or maintaining an inventory, all the money you make working in this industry is pure profit, especially since you will be doing all your promoting on Facebook, which is a website with free membership.

Once your system is completely set up, Safe Simple Commissions says that you can make money today, on complete “auto pilot.” Bill Gregory says that he earns $53,000 a month on “auto pilot” and that one website you set up today can earn money for years “with no additional work for you.”

The Reality

Much of Bill Gregory’s presentation on the Safe Simple Commissions website is dedicated to dismissing and criticizing other online business systems because they market themselves as “push button” systems which automatically make money.

He then goes on to explain his “auto pilot” system, which earns him so much money with so little effort, he’s “embarrassed” to tell you how much. He also says that if you have the technical skill level needed to “open an email” then you can be successful with this program.

Unfortunately these promises make Bill Gregory and Safe Simple Commissions the same as the internet businesses that he criticizes. Yes, generally speaking anyone can make money with affiliate marketing. And yes, in certain scenarios if these systems are set up successfully and done well, they can continue making money without additional effort from you.

But the truth is that affiliate marketing is an extremely competitive field which requires time and effort to be successful, and promises of making $3000 a day on “auto pilot” are misleading to potential customers and may easily result in disappointment and frustration.

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