Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a website that promotes scholarship opportunities for mothers who wish to go back to school and complete – or even begin – their degrees.  If you register with Scholarships 4 Moms, you have a chance of winning a $10,000 scholarship to put towards your educational goals.

In addition to awarding scholarships, Scholarships 4 Moms also connects their clients with different educational providers and loan institutions to help them figure out their financial options beyond the $10,000 scholarship.

In order to be eligible to win the $10,000, you are required to fill out their registration forms and then to look at information and offers from their partners.  Only after you’ve successfully reached their “Thank You for Registering” page is your registration actually considered complete.  At that time, you are entered to win the $10,000 scholarship.  If you exit the website before that time, your registration is not considered complete.

So is a Scam?

Well, for the record, has nothing to do with scholarships.  A scholarship is a monetary award given by a person or group to an individual who best fits the specific criteria set in advance for that scholarship.

In order to win a scholarship, you must fill out an application, explaining exactly what your educational plans are, how you will use the money to fulfill your educational goals, and very often you have to write an essay saying why you deserve that money over other applicants.

Scholarships 4 Moms simply has you fill out your name and contact information then enters you into a drawing where a name is drawn at random.  The randomly drawn name wins the money.  So, in reality, this is not a scholarship so much as a raffle with a very large prize.

Another aspect of Scholarships 4 Moms which seems problematic is that you are required to release all of your contact information to everyone who advertises with them.  Ultimately, Scholarships 4 Moms probably earns all their money from selling your information to loan providers, educational providers, and other random salespeople who will likely start calling, mailing, and emailing without mercy.

I have read reviews from other people that have stated that if they won $10,000, they wouldn’t care how many advertisers contacted them.  I can see that… if you won.  But the truth is that Scholarships 4 Moms likely gets thousands upon thousands (and people can enter more than once) of people registering with them, and your chances of actually being the one randomly chosen are astronomical.

Finally, I have yet to see or hear from anyone who has ever actually won this random drawing for $10,000.  Yes, they have testimonials on their website, but these testimonials don’t seem to be repeated anywhere else, including the College Board’s comprehensive list of scholarship websites and opportunities.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Please note the privacy and terms websites listed below. Within, they tell you that they will sell your information to 3rd parties, and have the right to change the policies at any time without your permission. You have to check a block stating you reviewed these websites while registering... but how many people actually read the privacy and terms websites? I usually don't, unless I think it might be a sketchy website such as this.


  • Thanks so much for your feedback I was going to fill out the application and decided to research what others had to say first. Thanks to your comments you have help to stop me from becoming of victim of their scam!
  • This "scholarship" is being run by a company called Vinyl Interactive in San Francisco. It appears to be a dot com two person business. Although the BBB says the company is A1, it advertized it self as a promotional company, it does not have an educational component. It is not affiliated with any college, and in fact, a couple of colleges seem to be concerned that this company is selling on their websites.
  • I am receiving everyday SPAM from this domain.
  • this site is a scam...only here to get personal info and address and phone numbers i have never given out my phone number and am very careful about it since registering for this i have gotten texts at 3 am and 1am waking me up from 800/888 numbers

    looking up the address i found: 135 Townsend St #620, San Francisco, CA 94107. i came up with many similar scholarship scams called various things and found some feedback about constant phone calls once people signed up i doubt this site can produce an actual scholarship winner

    it's a total scam and sounds like it's run out of the country i'm concerned about the info i gave...i bet some people give home addresses!... don't do it!
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