Secure Home Profits Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Secure Home Profits, found online at, is a new work at home training program which promises to teach people all the skills and knowledge they need to run their own internet marketing business.

Internet marketing is a type of independently owned business in which people partner with other companies and websites to promote their goods or services through online links. If these links result in sales, the internet marketer will earn a commission.

The Secure Home Profits website says that they will provide their customers with all the lessons and knowledge they need to become a successful internet marketer, for just a one-time fee of $97.00.

What to Expect

Their website says that anyone, regardless of experience, is able to learn how to be a successful marketer with just 60 minutes per day, and that their entire course, taken from beginning to end, should take no more than six months.

Their online member’s area contains more than 100 HD videos which provide customers with their important lessons, including how and where to find businesses to partner with, the different kinds of compensation plans used by online companies, the obstacles you are likely to encounter and how to overcome them, as well as access to the tools members may need to help get traffic to their links.

The website also says they understand that even with all their videos and their tools, members may still have questions or issues they need addressed to have a full understanding of the course material. Because of this, they offer phone and email support seven days a week.

Is Secure Home Profits Legit?

Generally speaking, companies that promise to teach you how to be an internet marketer have fairly poor reputations within the work at home and online communities. They have earned this reputation after more than a decade of unethical business practices and purposeful misleading of their customers which has resulted in a long list of unhappy people who claim they were defrauded by these companies.

Secure Home Profits is similar to these companies in a few ways, most especially in the fact that their company refers to itself by many different names, including Secure Home Profits, Paydays at Home, and Online Home Cash, all in a single page. This tends to point to a company that has had more than one life, and has re-branded itself repeatedly in order to get away from a negative reputation created by dissatisfied customers.

But it is also different from these companies in a few important ways. First, this website actually does not make any outrageous earnings claims, saying things like customers will be able to earn six figure salaries each year just working a couple hours a day. It also doesn’t rely on made up stories of single moms who changed their lives with this opportunity, or bankrupt men who now own mansions, cars, and yachts because of their company.

Instead, this website outlines specific details of the types of business and marketing lessons they will teach customers, and how they expect to upgrade their lessons in the near future so they are always relevant to the current market.

The bottom line is that this company might in fact be a legitimate company whose only goal is to teach people the skills of internet marketing, but customers must always understand that they could quickly and easily lose their investment without feeling as though they were satisfied with their courses.

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