Shopper’s Voice Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Shopper’s Voice, located at, is a new consumer research center, that allows you to “Speak your mind, Make a difference, and Win cash prizes” through their consumer product survey.

Their Online Shopper’s Voice Consumer Product Survey takes ten minutes to complete and is described as an “easy, free, fast, fun way” to give your insight and opinions to companies on your favorite products, and on what new products you would like to see.

Completing the survey makes you eligible for free samples, money saving coupons, special offers, and cash sweepstakes. It also results in free membership in the Shopper’s Voice consumer panel.

How Does It Work?

After you take the survey, you automatically become a member of the Shopper’s Voice consumer panel. If you complete the survey by mail, you will become a postal member, and if you complete the survey online, you become an online member.

After completing the survey, you will begin receiving “valuable offers” from companies based on your survey responses. You may also receive invitations to earn rewards from other companies for completing their surveys or offers.

Postal members that provide their email address will receive offers both through the mail and electronically, and online members that provide their home addresses can do the same.

The Concerns

Shopper’s Voice is not a market research company. Rather, they are a company that collects your personal information and then shares it with their partner companies, so that they can contact you with coupons, advertisements, and marketing offers.

Real market research companies get your personal information in order to provide you with surveys which earn you cash or rewards once you complete them. Instead, Shopper’s Voice collects your personal information in order to give it to companies who want to advertise to you.

If you are still interested in the special offers and possible coupons, just keep in the mind the volume of mail and email you are likely to receive from advertisers when you provide them with your contact info, and perhaps use a specific email for this purpose.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Shopper's Voice Complaints " is 1.15 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.
  • Hi Guys,

    I received a letter from SHOPPER's VOICE with $3000.00 CHECk to do a survey with a certain bank which is my first assignment. These are the breakdown SALARY PER ASSIGNMENT $425, AMOUNT TO CARRY OUT ASSIGNMENT $2,575.00 or BANK DEPOSIT. I just wondering if this legit or not or true or not because until now I'm still scared that this might be a scam.


    Vince E
    • Yes, it was probably a scam. Shopper's Voice never sends a cheque out of the blue. We go through a notification and confirmation process before any cheque is sent and we work with the winner's bank to ensure that the cheque clears.
    • NO ITS A SCAM.

      once you deposit the cheque, the cheque will bounce, then the banks will think you have that much money and will withdraw it and send it back to the people. Leaving you -$3000 and they just scam you for $3000.

      DON'T DO IT
  • Getting text messages at 0200h from them, unsolicited
    • Shopper's Voice does not send text messages. Someone is posing as us. We've received them as well. We recommend blocking the sending number.
  • I'm going to be the oddball here--in my experience, SV is 4-star. I started probably 15 years ago with hardcopy surveys; because I am totally blind, I had to recruit someone to fill in the items. They had adequate time requirements that enabled us to take 3-4 weeks (an hour per session) to complete it (it would have taken far less if he didn't, of course, have to read the info for me and then write my responses). I got several great outcomes: a packet to sign up for BMG Music (which I filed, receiving many CDs at really low cost); free samples; materials for filing for an insurance policy (didn't need that, so just shredded that); and coupons which I used for supermarket shopping. The only real problem I've had is with online surveys, and not because they didn't deliver as promised or took advantage of me. About half of the SV surveys can easily be completed independently using a screen reader that converts print to speech and enables me to pinpoint spots where I need to record my responses, which I then type in. These are provided by Qualtrix, who has had a good track record for accessibility. However, the other half was not useable to access technology, and there was no provider name to identify the company who designed them so I could follow through with a complaint. So, I contacted SV directly, describing the problem (which didn't even allow me to get past the first page, so I was completely tossed out of the sample). I made three complaints, only one of which got a response, and an unsatisfactory one, at that: they advised me on ways to tweak my computer system so it would supposedly enable me to finish--but I already had the settings so configured. I am now looking into who might be able to light a fire under them so I can finish more of their questionnaires. The Marketing Research Assn. was my first attempt, and they don't follow up on tis kind of group, and unfortunately, didn't give me a referral to an organization that would so that I could take my next step. So, to sum up: while SV won't earn you a comfortable living by any means, I did reap dividends by taking a few minutes of my time to complete the questionnaires I could using access technology, and I did not have the negative experiences others in this list had.
    • Hi clar, First, thank you for taking our surveys. We're sorry about the experience with our online survey. We've made some changes to the site to make it more accessible but it's not perfect. The Qualtrics-platform based surveys work better. If you read this, I ask you to contact us again and we'll find a way to make it work for you. Thanks for your patience.
  • Big scam takes personal info and sells it to others avoid. They don't respond and falsely pretend to be other retailers. Illegal behaviour.
  • I tried to enter a "contest" from Shoppers Drug Mart and found that Shoppers Voice already has my name and address in their system. However, upon clicking the submit button, a pop-up informs me that my email address is invalid, which it definitely is not. Shoppers Drug Mart Customer Service cannot help, and emails to Shoppers Voice go unanswered. Neither of them care about shoppers voices in the least. Give these "contests" a pass.
  • did survey, never ever received any coupons or offers.

  • they wrote a family members name of mine on the internet saying she won 5 gran and when she went to the bank they said a bogus cheque and she called cops and they took cheque to look into. This is a fraudulent business and if i I lived near their place of business I would personally go there and make them pay, enough said. SCAM
  • After reading these past comments and reading up on this company online after receiving one of their so-called surveys in the mail, I am glad that I definitely went with my instincts here. Tore it up and tossed it.

    Two thumbs down. *smh*
    • If you receive a survey in the mail purporting to be from Shopper's Voice, it's not from us. We've been online only since 2013.
  • your charging me for something i did not order, do not know or why. only thing i know for sure is this is a scam and will be posting to social media to everyone. 10,000+ members in my group so i should be able to reach a huge amount of people as well as your Facebook account.BIG ASS SCAM !!!!!
  • If you are here, and reading this, congratulations on checking them out before falling for it. An obvious scam.
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