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The Simple Money System, found online at, is a work at home opportunity which claims to teach people how to make almost $1,000 a day using a program that is free to sign up for.

The video presentation by spokesman Joel Peterson found on their website promises that they have already taught 1000s of students how to make money using this exact system.

Ultimately, the Simple Money System is an affiliate marketing training program which says that it will teach you how to promote websites that offer products or services and make affiliate commissions, with no need to have any technical knowledge.

The Claims

According to the presentation, unlike other internet and affiliate marketing programs which only “explain” to you how affiliate marketing works, this program will actually give you the three things everyone needs to be successful making money online.

The first is a step-by-step proven system which is laid out in a simple and easy way for you to follow. And in fact, many other affiliate marketing training programs – if not all of them – actually promise this as well.

But the Simple Money System says the difference is made with their final two pieces: a mentor who will walk you through the reality of using the process, and finally, a set of tools that will essentially do all of the technical work for you, so you won’t need any special skills to be successful.

The Problems

The Simple Money System presentation spends the vast majority of time talking about how much money everyone makes – lengthy, detailed descriptions of vacations, homes, second homes – and hardly any time at all talking about the actual work involved with their program. But this may be because they continually say that their program is completely “autopilot” and only requires 30 to 60 minutes of work a day.

Another significant problem is how much time they spend emphasizing how this program is “free,” even spending time detailing why it is free – because everyone using the Simple Money System makes money when everyone else makes money. But if you pay attention, you’ll realize this “free” system has a refund policy.

This is because the Simple Money System works with the PureLeverage multi level marketing program, which they offer for a $1 trial period, but which ultimately costs $24.95 per month and promotes multiple upgrades which also have monthly costs ranging between $19.95/month and $97.00/month.

All of these things taken together are very bad signs. Historically speaking, online money making programs which promise that you can essentially be extremely wealthy while working barely one hour a day using a program that is free which turns out to not be free – all these signs point to a company that may be untrustworthy and unethical.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Simple Money System " is 2.5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
  • When I was with the SMS, I actually loved the blog platform and the training resource. The guy Joel was great, down to earth and friendly. My biggest cons and joys were the fact that they actually do all the blogging for you (so you don't have to worry about blogging content if you're not a writer)...The other thing I love was the great training and more. I loved their squeeze pages, they were quite attractive. My only downer with the SMS was one simple marketing ploy of the system...Okay, the guy is totally right about the SMS system being totally FREE...but people need to know up front that the SMS is tied in with Pure Leverage(which is a great system as well)...However Pure Leverage is not free. My thoughts is that folks don't mind paying for the value that Pure Leverage offer, as that's not a problem. The problem originates from the un-necessary "hole" that's in the SMS OFFER. Darnit, tell folks the whole nine yards of what's involved...If they walk...Let them walk. Some will see the value and some will not whether it's FREE or PAID. I didn't like marketing part of the truth, you see and that's why I'm not with SMS today. I would go back in a heartbeat, once they remove that one little "hole" of leading folks in the wrong mental direction. They don't tell you a lie with the SMS...They just don't tell you the whole truth, if this makes sense. Again, this is my version and how I saw the system. I can't wait until they make it right, because other than that this is one Awesome System. Joel leverages the work for his team...I so loved that (LoL). I am now with another great system but struggling daily for new blog content...Thinking how and what to write about next. It's a real war going on right now in my head(lol).
    • I can't find the edit option...but I meant "My biggest pros and joys"...As far as the "Cons"...hopefully they are researching people responses and reading our comments to get things set right.
  • I agree with the reviews of "free is free". not in this setup. which is what it is, a setup for your hard earned money. sat thru hours of videos saying and repeating his speech over and over. I did purchase for $49 but every video wanted more money. even said hosting was free. NOT!! will be asking for refund. suggestion, if you can afford about $500, go for it. I don't, so I didn't.
  • if you like upsells you will love this site. they come could easily spend thousands. not upfront about anything. doubt very much you will do much for just the initial entry cost. refunds are hard to get, im still waiting for any action at all with mine.
  • Always research the company.Remember, if it sounds to good to be true,then it probably is."FREE" means FREE!!!!
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