Simply Click to Profit Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Simply Click to ProfitSimply Click to Profit is a work at home opportunity offering a “guaranteed and proven” way to make money from home.  Marilyn Chambers, spokeswoman for Simply Click to Profit, promises that for a one time fee of $47.00, she will give you the training you need to become successful in an online business opportunity that is “virtually a secret.”

However, as you read through the sales page you discover that the business opportunity is simply listing and selling items on eBay for a profit.  This job opportunity is commonly referred to as an auction listing agent.

What Is An Auction Listing Agent?

An auction listing agent lists products on eBay for more than they paid for them, in order to make a profit.  Commonly, these people use drop ship warehouses to provide their items for them.  A drop ship warehouse allows you, for a monthly membership fee, to sell items that they provide, and the warehouse takes responsibility for packaging and shipping the items, so you don’t have to.

Auction listing agents do not have an easy job, however.  The business of auction listing requires you to pay money up front to the drop ship warehouse, and then compete with other auction listing agents for customers.  This is what we call the “race to the bottom.”  The agent that lists the product for the least amount of money is the one most likely to get the customers, but then you must sell an extremely high volume of products in order to make a profit.

Is Auction Listing a Scam?

Not really.  The job of auction listing agent is very real, and has been around for almost as long as eBay itself.  In fact, the number of online companies trying to sell auction listing opportunities is overwhelming.  Auctions For Income, Home Employment Agency, Home Career Agency, Internet Job Locator, and on and on.  So much for this business being “virtually a secret” as Simply Click To Profit claims.

But this means that the market for auction listing is incredibly saturated and competitive.  A competitive market does not mean that you will be unable to make money auction listing, but just that you had better do your research and be aware of how the business works before you begin.  Unlike the claim made on the Simply Click To Profit sales page – that you are guaranteed to make money and not lose money – you certainly could lose money on this business system if you’re not properly prepared.

So If Auction Listing is Legit, Does That Mean Simply Click To Profit is As Well?

Unfortunately, no.  Simply Click To Profit is not a legitimate place to purchase a business opportunity for a list of reasons:

  1. They are selling you an opportunity that is free.
  2. They are not offering you any information or training that you couldn’t find yourself for free.
  3. Their payment page is not secure.

First, Simply Click To Profit is going to direct you straight to Doba, a well known drop ship warehouse, to get your membership and access to the products you will be selling online.  You don’t need to pay $47.00 to a third party to get access to Doba.  You can just go straight to their website and sign up.

Second, the information offered by Simply Click To Profit on auction listing isn’t any more sophisticated than the free information available both at Doba and in the eBay forums.

Finally, their payment page is not secured.  The URL to their payment page is not “https:” and they don’t have security symbols and encryption seals on their payment page.  A lot of non secure payment pages will provide fake symbols and seals, going through the motions in an attempt to make you feel secure; Simply Click To Profit doesn’t even bother.

Entering your credit card number on a payment page that isn’t secured is a terrible idea, and is putting you in significant danger of identity theft and credit card fraud.  Even if Simply Click To Profit had seemed promising until this point, a non secure payment page would be reason enough to walk away.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Thanks they have been hassling me for weeks, almost fell for it, thought I better do a bit of digging, thank god I did. they are asking for 900 dollars now.
  • It's a scam......ive just found out from my bank they have illegally tried to take near on £70 out of my bank haven't even signed up for anything. Absolutely appalling. Cheeky trying to take money of parents that have to provide for children. Well my bank are investigating you now. Karma is a bitch.
  • I paid $7 to "At Home Profit System", and it is a joke, you have to download a program to your computer. I have no idea what this download would do to my computer so I refused the "Opportunity" and now am trying to retrieve my investment. Yes it is only $7, but it's my $7. And I don't trust this program and should be entitled to a refund.

    I would not recommend this program to anyone.

  • Thank you for saving my money. I hope there would be more people tellin the trouth. All the best thanks thousand times. Georg
  • Glad I came to you-was all set to buy the product and you saved me $47.00, which I could barely afford. Thank you so much-you are AWESOME! I checked "excellent" above because I think I am telling you that your review is excellent-HOWEVER, if I am judging the Click to Profit program, it isn't excellent- IT IS DREADFUL AND MISLEADING. Thanks a million for helping those of us who really need an income and can't afford to be ripped off. God Bless! Dee
  • If you start a website of your own is the only way to really make money, scamming others into the belief they can make money on-line as well. AND you know what; you can if you get into the loop, they all refer or comment or promote each other....thats how it's done. Even the ones who are websites supposedly reviewing others, saying they don't really pay. But....hey try this one this one is for real!!! It's ALL bull!!!! Don't fall for it if your a desperate single mom like me!
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