Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home Snuckls, a website and mobile app which says that they give people a way to take place in a free lottery draw where they have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars.

Their website says that their members are able to join for free and will not be asked to pay any fees at any time. Instead, Snuckls is paid for through advertisers who pay them to use their website to reach a new audience.

If you are lucky enough to win any of the lottery drawings offered by Snuckls, their website says that members will be able to withdraw their money directly to PayPal or through Amazon vouchers.

How Does It Work? appears to work like a blend between a traditional lottery and a sweepstakes. Their members will be asked to watch videos and answer questions in exchange for entries into the lottery.

You will be asked to choose an arrangement of five numbers or to let them randomly generate a number for you. This number will then be matched against the winning number, and players who hit 5/5 numbers will split 90% of the jackpot, while those who hit 4/5 numbers will divide 6% of the jackpot, those who hit 3/5 numbers will split 3% of the jackpot, and those who hit 2/5 numbers will split 1% of the jackpot. says that they do not actually choose the winning number. Instead, they use the Georgia 5 Lottery numbers as the number that they match to; this way, customers can double check and make sure that all numbers are randomly and legitimately chosen.

Is Legit?

It’s not a question of whether or not is legit, but whether or not it is actually legal. The United States has strict regulations regarding lotteries, but it appears that Snuckls has set itself up as more of a sweepstakes, because their customers do an activity in order to be entered into a pool of participants who can win a prize.

Still, because they ask their participants to pick a number which will then be matched to the number of a state run lottery drawing, it does appear that there may be a complication or a challenge to their legitimacy at some point which may interrupt or stop their service from running.

In the meantime, many of their customers have recently made the point that this service doesn’t seem worthy of their time anyway, as it has become too difficult to every actually win anything of substance, so members spend their time watching videos and answering questions and essentially receive nothing in return.

Still, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they want to participate with this website while it is still up and running.

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