Staging Diva Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Staging Diva is the nickname of and brand name for Debra Gould and her company, and since they were created in 2004 they say they have become one of the most recognized and respected names in home staging courses.

Home staging, which they say is also known as house staging, real estate staging, house fluffing, is the art of decorating a home in order to help it sell quickly and for the best possible price.

Debra Gould says that the Staging Diva course is the only available program taught by someone with an MBA in Marketing and over 25 years of business experience, who has also personally built a successful staging business.

The Promises

The website is very clear that the Staging Diva courses much more than just learning how to decorate. These courses are about “starting up and running a home staging business, making money, marketing your business, charging properly for your services, and many more elements that will add to your success.”

The truth of home staging is that a high quality professional stager is one of the key pieces needed to ensure that a property can provide the greatest return on investment, making them an important part of the home sale process.

The website says that the full program is made up of five different courses and that each course is two hours of audio recordings plus accompanying study notes, so that in just ten hours you can have “the keys to making money in your home-based business.”

What to Consider

The Staging Diva website strongly encourages their customers to purchase all of their courses as part of a large package, because they claim that 90% of people who purchase one of their courses ultimately end up purchasing all five of the courses.

The issue is that if you purchase your first course individually, then you must purchase all the courses individually and this ends up significantly more expensive than one of their bundled packages. Even though their bundled packages are priced between $995 and $1295, the website promises you will still be saving between $700 and $830.

This is obviously a giant commitment for someone to make, however, especially if they are not completely sure that this is the right field of study and work for them. The website does offer a Refund Policy for their customers, but this policy says that it is designed for people who “don’t feel that our materials are as described on the order pages.”

If you believe you fall into this category, downloadable products must be cancelled and a refund must be requested in writing within 48 hours and physical products must be cancelled and a refund requested in writing within 45 days of ordering. If these deadlines are surpassed, no refunds will be given regardless of circumstances.

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  • Hello!

    I am curious on how old the version of the training course is? In other words, if this was published 10 years ago, has it been updated? Design, legal forms and industry standard pricing can change from year to year.

    Thank you!
    • I took the course last year and found the material very dated. I was very disappointed in the courses and regret choosing. The courses are so dated that there is very little discussion, if any, about many, current social media marketing opportunities, e-design, updated accounting and website programs, mobile apps etc. Most of the information in the courses is just common sense. There is much better training out there.
  • when do you get your certification?
    • When you complete the full Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program, your certificate will come in the mail within a few weeks.

      For full details, see

      It's important to know that there are no official certifications in the field of home staging, despite what some companies would like you to believe. Home staging is a completely unregulated industry.
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