Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is a website that claims to offer “telecommuting alternatives to the 9-to-5 grind” by providing a wide range of advice and information regarding a variety of work at home jobs and opportunities.

Unlike other websites that claim to provide their customers with a specific work at home opportunity that is generally described as being able to solve all their monetary and career based issues, is just an informational website

There is no need to create an account to have access to any of their information. Anyone who chooses can go through their information as they choose without being required to submit any personal info or pay any fees.

What They Offer

Very simply speaking, this website offers information about “stay at home” job opportunities. Their information is broken up into four different categories, defined as Advice, Opportunities, Freelance Writing, and Scams.

Unfortunately, their information is not extremely specific nor is it very detailed or indicative of extensive research. Instead, it’s fairly general information compiled into short articles that give people a broad understanding of a topic.

Ultimately, since the information they offer is neither detailed nor affiliated with any specific product or at home work industry, it may leave some people wondering what the real purpose of is.

What Is is really an advertising platform. Their articles offer reasonable advice and as mentioned before are not affiliated with any specific job opportunity.

However, their website does have a lot of web page real estate dedicated to ads, and this directly translates to their way of earning money.

Earning money from selling space on your web pages for paid advertisements is a completely legitimate way to earn money and in no way means that the information you are getting is illegitimate.

However, since their information is not extensively detailed, you will probably want to research other sources to make sure the information you are getting is backed up before you use it to make any decisions regarding at home work employment.

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