Stephen Pierce Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Stephen Pierce is probably one of the best known internet marketing gurus working today.  He has multiple eBooks, training programs, video seminars, live seminars, and more that claim to teach people step by step how to go from being clueless to being self employed and making good money using the internet.

Besides having so many different training programs, Stephen Pierce is also famous for his rags to riches story.  Many sources – and Stephen himself – say that at one point in his life he was basically homeless.  He began his internet business at a time when he didn’t even own a computer, and now he’s one of the most successful internet marketing personas.

So is Stephen Pierce a Scam?

In a word?  No.  Customers report liking and enjoying his books, videos, and seminars.  They report that his lessons are clear, informational, and enjoyable.  Customers also report that if they choose to cancel their memberships to his programs, that they are allowed to do so and given refunds upon request, as long as they are in the 30 day window.

But it is important to know that Stephen Pierce is also a life coach and a motivational speaker.  He has toured with Tony Robbins in the past, and currently still does his own series of tours.  Much of his approach to internet marketing and internet business is not just informational, but also aspirational.

What this means is that he is a professional speaker and presenter, so his seminars, videos, and training courses should be more enjoyable than most other internet marketing gurus.  Also, while the customers report really liking Stephen Pierce, his information, and his technique, there doesn’t seem to be many reports of people becoming genuinely wealthy using his programs.

However, that being said, most customers report that Stephen’s programs are full of information and so easy to understand that they are good tools for someone beginning in internet marketing.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I worked for Stephen Pierce. He is an unrepentant scam artist, master manipulator, and fabulous speaker. But it is all lies. He sold products that we didn't ever have!! Avoid him at all costs!!
  • In March 2008, I purchased a program called the Product Creation Lab (PCL) from Stephen Pierce at a live event in Australia for a total of Aust$20,000 and so far, he has delivered only a minute fraction of the promised program and lots of stalling tactics and outright lies. This year, I began asking for a refund based on the clear gap between what was promised and what was delivered. No response at all so far.

    Here is the whole sorry history. Don’t let yourself get caught up in his excuses!

    2008 – Purchased the program in March; in June I traveled to Stephen Pierce’s home in Texas to work with him personally for 3 days on developing my product. However, I spoke with Stephen Pierce for no more than 5 minutes on just 2 occasions. After that I got a logo and an audio person added some music to the start and end of a few of my audio recordings.

    2009–The company assigned someone named Marie to get my online business ready to launch made another logo. She quit, and I got Chipo who passed me off to Karol who sent some unpublishable junk.

    2010– The staff repeatedly asked for information that I have already sent, then Chipo and Karole quit and the new team handed me off to Francis and Duane. I went through all this information again and resent all the previous documents. Francis admitted that my case had indeed been mishandled.

    2011– Francis left the company and Todd took over. Later that year, Francis, Todd, and Duane left the company and the staff downsized to almost nothing. I couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone. Finally got through to Stephen Pierce personally ([email protected]), after posting negative comments on one of his web pages. In July he too began failing to meet promised deadlines for an inferior replacement product. By December I gave up on him ever delivering anything so I started asking for a refund.

    I have been begging these surfs for service for almost FOUR YEARS so here I am going public everywhere I can.

    My story is also headed for the US regulatory authorities, relevant enforcement agencies and anywhere that Stephen Pierce ever plans on speaking in public.

    Clearly, I have paid for something that I have not received, nor have I now any reasonable expectation of ever receiving it. Over this time, I have experienced constant emotional stress due to the uncertainty and the doubts over whether my internet business would ever come to life, and whether or not I would receive any outcome from the significant financial investment that I made. This emotional stress and anxiety has taken a heavy toll on my physical health.

    That’s my story in abbreviated format. If you have any thoughts of every getting involved with ANY product offered by Stephen Pierce, think long and hard before you do – and pay only for what you receive WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT!

    After four years I have had it up to here! I have arranged legal representation to recover both costs and damages. If you have a similar story to mine feel free to contact me at StephenPierceScam.[email protected] as you may be able to join my campaign. My attorney may be able to accept more claimants.
  • My personal experience with Stephen Pierce

    I don't for one minute believe that anyone in Australia who actually worked with Stephen Pierce for any length of time can be happy about it. He does offer some useful information and he knows a lot about online marketing, but his treatment of high value customers is horrendous!!!!

    I purchased a product and service package from Stephen Pierce International. He was supposed work with me directly to create a product to sell online and supply all the marketing materials and promote my product to his databases. He did almost none of what he promised. I begged for months for the support I needed through email, messages to his support team, and finally a formal complaint letter begging him for a refund since he was not going to keep his promise. I felt humiliated. His office apologized and stalled me, then confessed that Mr. Stephen Pierce himself has to approve all refunds and that just doesn’t happen.

    As recently as fall 2011, I was still pleading with them for a refund and getting the run around from the attorney Kevin Vela. I gave up and hired a lawyer. Then I reported this company to the Financial Fraud Department of the McKinney TX police and to the Consumer Affairs Department of the Dallas Attorney General’s office along with the Better Business Bureau in Texas. He has over 40 complaints into the BBB so you can't tell me that they are making this stuff up. Do you know how hard it is to make yourself even write out the story when you have lost that much money? I didn't even want to think about it. Made me sick at my stomach. I had to force myself to do it. So if he has 40 complaints, then there must be 400 others who are equally unhappy and just not telling it.

    Stephen Pierce is a great salesman and teacher so take his free course, but I would not give him any more of my money because there is a disconnect between what he says on the stage and what he delivers.

    Humiliated customer
  • I met Stephen Pierce at a 'Get Motivated Seminar'. He gave a really great presentation and sold a $99 course on setting up websites where you could make a little bit of money on each website among other ideas. It was also an introduction to a more advance course that was $5000 (can't remember exactly). There was a lot of information in his $99 course and I have to admit at times overwhelming. That is the why to take the next course and get some hand holding. I have done some of the things he suggested to sell things on Ebay but mostly I have done nothing. I have been just stuck and am at this time re-looking at building some websites. My problem is that if I am stuck I may as well be stuck at the $99 level as opposed to being stuck at the $5000 level. If you are going to work any of these programs you have to really work them.

    I really liked Stephen Pierce. I got on his email and got an email every couple of days until I changed my email to a free one and didn't transfer him over. He gives out a lot of information in a professional format. I definitely recommend his $99 course he does after the 'Get Motivated Seminars'. I definitely recommend his emails. You can get a lot of information from his website. As far as the other guy who gave him a bad review, I have to take it with a grain of salt. The BBB part is true, bad rating. My experience with BBB is they want to sell memberships and they are not always reasonable. They don't list the positives. If the customer is unreasonable then you can't resolve it. If you give presentation in football stadiums and arenas like Pierce does we are talking volume.

    If you do take his $99 course and don't decide to go on he says 'thanks for attending and participating' there is no arm holding at the door. Like I said, I like the guy. I got my moneys worth.
    • So, in other words, you didn't make any money (in fact, you spent money). The only way Steven Pierce makes money on the internet is to fool gullible people like you that they can make money on the internet. And Steven Pierce is actually broke and being sued by his victims.
  • Don't trust anything that comes out of Stephen Pierces mouth, he is a liar, a scam artist and just an overall horrible person. from a past criminal history of fraud, an F rating with the BBB, doesn't pay affiliates and the list goes on. some people don't care about the person they are learning from and how they are "behind the curtains", I don't care what he's selling - i don't want to make deals with the devil.
    • Michelle, you and anyone else who has been scammed by Stephen Pierce should contact attorney Alan J. Rosenberg right away. Rosenberg's preparing a lawsuit against Pierce, and his firm, Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson, P.C., has agreed to work on a contingency basis. You can call them at 888-905-2003 or email arosenberg (at) for details.
  • Hi Steve, thanks for the headsup on Online Business Systems. You have probably saved me alot of money.

    Cheers from Australia
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