Tim Bekker Reviews – Stupid Simple System Legit or Scam?

Tim BekkerThe Stupid Simple System is another product of internet marketing persona Tim Bekker, also known as KK Maybel.  The Stupid Simple System has been around for at least a year, having launched in the fall of 2009, and has sold for various prices during that time period, anywhere from a reported $67 to its currently low price of $7.

The Stupid Simple System is presented in a series of modules, all containing different lessons about various aspects of internet marketing.  There are video training sessions, articles, and ebooks all included within this program.

In addition to the Stupid Simple System, you’ll also receive an email from Tim Bekker giving you links to his free bonus, in addition to another free download giving you information on internet marketing.  At this time, he also promises you even more bonuses once you sign up for his $7 program.

So is Tim Bekker a Scam?

Well, there’s a lot of things to consider.  First of all, most customers report that the Stupid Simple System is actually full of good information for people who are just beginning in internet marketing.  It’s important to note that many customers also say that this same information is available for free on the internet, but since beginners often don’t know where to find all this free info, it is nice that it’s packaged here all together.

However, if you’ve moved on in the world of internet marketing to the status of novice or veteran, Bekker’s program will do nothing for you.

In addition, that free bonus I mentioned earlier that Bekker links to you in the email?  That link will ultimately take you to Home Website Center, another company that offers to make you tons of money using the internet for free.  However, when you try to take advantage of that free offer, you’ll quickly see that they are trying to upsell you a bigger, expensive Pro package which definitely isn’t worth the money.  Take a look at what I’ve already said about the Home Website Center.

In general, there is some debate about the quality of material you’re receiving from Bekker and in addition the situation with Home Website Center shows that he is acting as an affiliate for other companies that have questionable reputations.  Thankfully Bekker’s product is sold through Clickbank, so if you need to you can get a no questions asked refund within the first 60 days of your purchase.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I have read te above posts and I have nothing to add to them. But, I have purchased one product from Tim Bekker called CBCode, not to disprove any above comments, the information he provided was and is valuable to me. There were more than a few bits of info that was either left out or forgotten from different sources other than Mr. Bekker and added in CBCode. With that being said I do market some of his products and I am deciding to stop, I do not trust the tracking provided. Trust issue.
  • I rather burn my money.
  • A great fraud, scam, and useless websites , all cheaters get together
  • If you want to give your money away give it to a Charity. Tim Bekker's Program is the biggest SCAM of all times. They do a lot of talking about other programs being SCAM'S but he beats them all. I spent over $800.00 and could not even get someone to answer my HELP request. I am an elderly lady on a limited income who needs to earn extra money to live on like so many others, so don't waste your money. I am working on a couple of others that I think may be real and if they pan out I will let you know. Good Luck and God Bless. RB
  • tim bekkers a pure scam never buy from him and always unsubsribe if you ever get his emails, hes a pure scam artist who should never be trusted and i wouldnt be suprised if he sold his own mother on the net. What a joke
  • I recommend to anyone buying a digital product to check on Google for scam/review.

  • There is no way to make easy money unless you are scamming people. I agree with the person above. They suck you in with a cheap introductory price and hammer you with a couple of hundred dollars worth of extras. If you do not pay for the extras the thing does not work. It my not work even with the extras. I do not know. Show me how to make money after I paying the $27 dollars without spending more and I will become a believer and buy any software that you sell. The free website that they SELL you for free costs you a fee plus a monthly fee. How is this free? Do not worry about Tim sleeping, the DEVIL has no conscience and does not have to sleep. Constantly looking for his next weak prey. In the end he will pay for his sins.
  • What a crock it's just another stupid scam!!! Someone promising somingthing that just isn't so. Yea!! You're told you 'll get a free website, all kinds of info, help when you need it, HAHAHA! What a lie, you can't do anything unless you buy their upgrade packages!! Tell me Tim did you ever stop to think that maybe you might get more $$$ if you acually let people try it out first??? If it's really a good product they will come back begging to upgrade!!! It's called good business sense!!! You might want to try it, not only would you sleep better at night, but you would make hella more money!!!
  • Hello,

    I am new to Internet Marketing and I want to purchase Tim Bekker's Stupid simple system.

    But at www.stupidsimplesystem.com I can never find a link that will let me purchase it.

    I have never seen a webpage like this one.

    Is there a direct link to purchase his course?

    Or can you tell me the steps to take at www.stupidsimplesystem.com that will bring me to a link so I can buy it.Very frustrated.
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