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It is hard to catch up in life with limited time in the day. Getting things done with the continuous interruptions of our daily lives can be frustrating. It is easy to be sidetracked by situations and last minute requests, which can leave you in a bind.

TaskRabbit’s services are available to provide relief for any personal or business related tasks you need help with, you cannot get to, you do not have time for or you are not able to do yourself.

TaskPosters name their own price when they post a task, the price should be carefully calculated. Some factors to think about when calculating your price should include the amount of travel associated with the task, the amount of time it will take to complete the task and the difficulty or special skills a task may require. Remember that TaskRabbit runners do not receive benefits, they do not have growth opportunities and some of them do not have a stable income, so price you task fairly.

The TaskRabbit is paid for price of their bid and any reimbursements they are owed. The company charges TaskPosters a fee for their service based on the amount of the bid, the higher the bid, the lower the service charge is.

Post your task online through the TaskRabbit website, TaskRabbit runners will bid on your task. You may choose which TaskRabbit is the one for you based on the price of their bids, their experience and skill sets, their location, their demand, or their leader board ranking. The leader board is a point system for TaskRabbit runners to earn points by receiving good reviews, responding quickly with bids, accurately bidding, and encouraging others to join.

Is TaskRabbit Safe?

TaskRabbit runners are fully screened to ensure the safety of TaskPosters. Their identities are verified, they have a thorough background check, and their reputation is reviewed by their personal community. Once they have been approved, they must complete an online training program.

This concept, which originated in Boston in 2009, is continuing to expand into new cities to provide others their help. In cities where it is currently located, you can get help anytime, anywhere, from TaskRabbits in your area. There are times where everyone has needed or will need help.

TaskRabbits are there to make your life a bit simpler and less stressful by providing the support you need. For the most part individuals who have used the service have left generally positive reviews.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " TaskRabbit " is 1.74 out of 5 based on 27 reviews.
  • I am a task rabbit and I will agree overall it's a site for super cheap people who expect you to move the sun and the moon for less than minimum wage. I bid on many tasks just to discover I am out of the ballpark by leaps and bounds. I make my bids reasonable but on the low side of reasonable which is why I don't get many tasks. I refuse to work for minimum wage or below it. I don't believe in charging absurdly high wages either - I fall right in between those two extremes. I am a senior tech by trade but have done all kinds of odd jobs so I am not above helping people organize, etc. Overall I am disappointed, not with the site, but with the PEOPLE who use task rabbit. The site itself cannot dictate to people what to pay, the market does that. I will say tho, there would be less ultra cheap people on the site if some dumba** wouldn't take the tasks for $40 for a full day of back breaking work. I have found a handful of tasks on it, with wonderful people who paid a fair wage for work done, and for that I am happy. I look at it like cold calling. You have to call 1,000 people before you get one yes. Task rabbit works on the same principle. Submit to 50 tasks and you may just land one or two. Again I'll say you'd get a better ratio if there weren't so many super desperate people out there who are willing to work all day for pocket change... If people didn't take those kinds of jobs eventually those people would go away and we would have a site filled with people willing to pay a fair wage for a full day... Sadly, a sign of the times...
    • As a task Rabbit what would you say are the top 5 things

      customers usually request from Task Rabbits (example: shopping)
  • I signed to be a task rabbit. I bid on a few tasks, but not a single one would hire my services, mainly because I would set a price that was reasonable and fair the least. I found that my bids were not taken because "everybody" there wants things done almost for free. Which means one can not take a task and cover gas expenses, parking, or take into account that to please the customer one also has to adjust the time at the convenience of the customer. What makes it worse is that the website also suggest a price for each task, what? you are gonna what to charge? do you know how far I am for the customer? and how much is needed on supplies, etc? The other problem is that THE CHEAP CUSTOMERS on this site expect estimates costs from task rabbits from a reading a sentence, like "I need a stove moved", "a room painted". But the task rabbit has no idea what's on the way, things that need to be move or maybe is a task for two people, etc. Needless to say I cancelled my registration, waste of time. If these people are so damned cheap they need to do their own things.
    • I agree Juan, you pay what you get for.... que no!?? I would of hired u if u werte in the bay area. sorry for your experience. Try Thumbtack in SF, they are nationwide and have better exp. and workers to help you.

      Good Luck! Try TR again if you have the need.
  • I haven't set up my account with this site yet, and frankly am quite skeptical about having to give my bank account information up front. Something flags with me there. But, what I find most interesting are the positive posts. They are written as if they are biased and written from either the owner of the website, or a paid employee. They lost my interest from the beginning.
  • Task Rabbit is only good those looking for helpers. The helpers (rabbits) have to be completely desparate for ANY money to complete the tasks at the prices that the REALLY CHEAP people are paying. I'm talking practically slave wages! I have seen people who want junk hauled away, but unwilling to pay dump fees, people wanting professional services, technology, plumbing but paying less than minimum wage. Someone needs to remind these cheap @#$!&*'s that slavery was outlawed in the 19th century.
  • I really agree with the negative reviews. In addition, I hate the review section. I did a task that required me to take photos and write descriptions of a client's merchandise and post them in their ebay account. I took good photos and wrote good descriptions. In my opinion, the goods weren't worth it and I didn't expect them to sell. I posted them and told the client to look at his account and make sure they were alright. He said they were fine. A couple weeks later he gave me a two star review! I can only guess that nothing sold and he held me accountable. So here I am with a two star rating and no way of explaining myself people who see it. It's a little upsetting.
  • I was removed from the Rabbit community for posting a comment to a task advertising five dollars an hour that was condescending, passive aggressive, and slightly rude. I found task rabbit to be an unequal employer biased market. Stand up for yourself, your banished! Also found that a lot of the jobs work out to less then minimum wage and the task posters don't realize because what they are paying is a lot more then you are getting. Great idea unfortunately taskrabbit had it first.
  • TaskRabbit is an awesome marketplace. It's not an employment service, and I'm at my leisure to pay less for a novice or more for a pro - it's capitalism at its best, and TaskRabbits are rated according to their marketability. TaskRabbit charges a service fee for using their marketplace - I don't see any reason why that is unfair. I've also run tasks myself, and the "per-hour-benefit-taxes-minimum-wage-b***-s***" wasn't a factor. I'm free to charge what I feel my time is worth. In most cases, I've been getting something done for other people on my way to do things for myself that I would have been doing anyway. I've met some amazing people along the way, and I find a local marketplace developing around the TaskRabbit idea. It's capitalism here, folks, and there's no boss pulling strings to make you do things you don't want to do. Jump in! I'm one of the top TaskRabbits in Austin and I can tell you this: If you're waiting around for someone to hand you your paycheck and benefits packet after a 40-hour week, this isn't for you. If you want to engage your local market and have the skills to meet needs, you can add a very solid income stream with TaskRabbit.
    • First...I've never used task rabbit. I just heard of it, so here is what I think based on my research and reading reviews. The concept is good, but there seems to be a lot of adjustments that need to be done. I expected that people looking for a task rabbit are looking for it "on the cheap". I also expected the task rabbits to be upset with pricing. So now everyone needs to meet in the middle to get a job done, or it's just not important to the people looking for task rabbits.

      I do believe that the market should decide the price, so if someone is being cheap just don't bid on it. I'm happy that people post their negative experiences, but it seems like people are taking this personally. Just look at it as a business. If you don't like it, don't use it.

      I read that the website takes 20%. That seems high, but again if you don't like it don't use it. I think over time things will adjust. Prices will come up and task rabbits expectations will come down and meet in the middle somewhere. How long that takes???? Who knows. I just know I won't be using this service anytime soon. I'll check back from time to time to see if it's any better.
    • I agree with the person below
    • your a fng scumbag who doesnt deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us. capitalism at its finest ? your a f#ck stick!!!!!!!!
  • To save my writing time and your reading time: I completely concur with @Robert's review above.

    To add my own hyperbole, though, I would personally say I think TaskRabbit is EVIL (and likely ILLEGAL depending on your State's labor laws). They are taking advantage of high unemployment to skirt employment rules (minimum wage, benefits, employment taxes, liability coverage for the 'rabbits', etc.). Calling the 'rabbits' _independent contractors' may be legal in certain situations, but there are legal limits to this which will eventually bring them down.

    Regardless, even if they are following the letter of the law, the spirit is violated. Finally, their pricing methodology is, designed to maximize the profits of TaskRabbit while minimizing the payments to the actual grunt workers. TaskRabbit is a part of the growing movement to bring sweat-shops back to America. EVIL.
  • When you make an offer on Task Rabbit, you have no idea what price they display to the job posters. A client's confusion led me to discover that he was paying $23+ for the task while I was earning $15. A more than 50% markup made me feel extremely taken advantage of.
    • This is what I don't agree with but say your clients credit card doesn't work or they can't pay... TR pays that job out and up to 1000000$ in insurance coverage for each task it's a lot of money but if I had of received that job out there I would have to go to all kinds of hoops to get my money... Or not at all I like this idea and glad that TaskRabbit is here it's a very reliable system that's a little pricey but makes it up in the long run
  • Good for taskrabbit.com and for the job posters. Very low paying work for the often skilled and college educated rabbits. If you work on the site and you don’t want to wind up having to work min. wage or less, best to stick to quick immediate tasks like deliveries. Most of the professional tasks take longer than job poster thinks and you have to blind bid because task rabbit won’t let the rabbits know how much the job poster wants to pay. This brings the labor costs down to dirt cheap, and you wind up having to do it if your bid is accepted or risk getting a bad review. Task rabbit says you have rights, but you don’t really. They keep the rabbits and posters in constant guessing game and conflict. If they really wanted to have happy workers (they say you don’t work for them, but they do screen you and interview you extensively and have policies of how you will be let go if you don’t do......) they would simplify the process and make it fair for the workers as well as the posters by letting the rabbits see what the job posters want to pay. Instead they’ve instigated a system to create continually underbidding and I’ve done many professional tasks at less than minimum wage or risk not being able to apply for work from the site at all.
    • I agree as well the website is designed so that you have no idea what people are bidding on a job.

      I have been underbid by by other rabbits who agreed to paint a room for 60$ and this kind of thing happens constantly. moving a apt for 60$ and no tip !! are you kidding!!!!!!

      I also got injured while on the job "not my fault" and there is no compensation if you get hurt well you cant earn its as simple as that.

      someone above wrote capitalism at it's best. this is not what capitalism is about this is slave labor!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I totally agree with everything Robert said. I'm constantly underbidding myself while keeping my fingers crossed for a tip to even it out.
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