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Is Justin Blake Legit or a Scam?

Justin Blake - The 7 Steps CourseIf you take a look at Justin Blake’s new website, you’ll see that Blake promises to give you the “secret” to making money online.  But first, he goes to great lengths to show you how much money he’s made using this same secret. He shows you pictures of his house, his cars, and even tells a story about how he fulfilled his dream of becoming a movie producer earlier this year.

This is a common sales tactic when it comes to internet based businesses.  Justin Blake is spending more time trying to sell you on a dream lifestyle than he is actually explaining his product.  When he does eventually get to explaining the product, you see that for the low price of $27.00, Blake will give you your own website and a digital product to sell, at whatever cost you choose, and you keep the entire profit for yourself.

What Blake doesn’t tell you is that you will undoubtedly be charged a monthly subscription fee for the upkeep of the website he provides for you – customers from his previous web businesses commonly report this as $47 per month.  That’s right – Blake has multiple previous web sites which he also used to sell the “secret” to making money online.  Unfortunately, his customers tend to be so unhappy with what they actually receive, Blake must continually change his website to find new and unsuspecting consumers.

So is Justin Blake a Scam?

Justin Blake and – in addition to all other Justin Blake ventures – are undoubtedly a scam.  The only thing you need to do to prove this is to click on the link at the bottom of the sales page that says “No Thanks. I will pass on this deal and just go get my free Online Business Kit.”

Once you click on that link, you are brought to another Justin Blake site attempting to sell you yet another work at home business opportunity! And if you click on the “No Thanks” link at the bottom of that page, you will be brought to another Justin Blake “secret” to success opportunity. And if you click on that “No Thanks” link?  That’s right. Another Justin Blake product! Man – who knew there were so many “secrets” to making money online?

And while there may be a ton of secrets to making money online, there is something that simply doesn’t exist – a FREE business kit from Justin Blake.  If you click the “No Thanks” link enough times, you’ll eventually just be brought to a web page that says “Thank you for reading the previous page.”

The name of the program doesn’t matter – whether it’s 7 Steps Course or Caveman to Millionaire or University of Internet Marketing – if Justin Blake is trying to sell it to you, you should avoid it.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • If anyone wants to know about Justin and his equally slimy brother Anthony, simply read this. Please pass this site on to anyone thinking about doing business with them.
  • I buy into Justin "secret' a long time a go... lost the money, lost time and the only thing that I did not loose was the emails that he was sending me to buy into more of his secrets to loose money.

    I quit listening to him long time a go, but some how he found his way to my email address again and so yesterday decided to look at what he has this time... well, surprise surprise... it is the same 'secret" and I keep on clicking no thanks and finally I just give up and close the dam think.

    Thanks to all who warn others NOT TO BUY INTO JUSTIN PRODUCTS... I believe he got rich by taking money from people like me who does not have much ... he should not be doing it and re do it... but as I see he still doing it... to bad, he could live a decent life instead of going to bed thinking of all the money he took from poor unsuspecting people....

    The testimonials.. well, they are 100 years old.. and if you really pay attention they are only on how to get traffic... or something else that has nothing to do with helping you to earn income.

    good luck guys.
  • I already realized it was a scam earlier but wanted to try the other programmes recommended by him,so only after awhile did I send for a refund. But after sending the payment confirmation codes for Clickbank, was still denied of the refund till today, which is almost 2-months now.
  • I would like to have a refund of my $27.00. I was unable to use the system and I need a refund of $27.00. Thank you.
  • You are so right because He tells you He will help you all the way. That is a complete untruth.I am seventy years old and all I ask for was how to build a web siteI never got it. But I never got my money back either.
  • All, i have to say is this Scam scam scam scam, scam Get real people , if you believe this i have some ocean front property in south dakota
  • P.S. to all who are complaining you people are probably the people who think if you turn your computer on and just look at it its going to make you money well it doesnt work that way. And justin blake is probably the only person out there that treats everyone the same if your not happy with his services he will refund the investment so maybe before slandering someones name probably should think first.
  • It is a shame that people like Justin can breathe the same air as you and me. Here is person who is not even worthy of wearing human skin. A real jackal in disguise. He gets rich alright off of other people's naive nature. Some people can be so gullible to believe that with one click of an internet promo magically money will come into their account. That is about as wonderful as the old man down the street who sells magical seeds which help you to grow a hundred dollar bill tree in your backyard. No one gets rich easy although some people like Justin have a way to manipulate the system. Sort of like Henry Vu the real estate guru of the late eighties and early nineties who sold video tapes with fake ideas to get rich of investing in properties. I believe in Karma or you reap what you sow or better yet, "What comes around goes around." It simply is a matter of time and these evil practices and the snake oil salesman will eventually be done with. I can not say too much. Actually I am not that great with the gift of gap or even for writing. I just hope my message helped. God Bless in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ's Name
  • I have dealt with Charles Ryder a few years back and really wasn't happy with how it went. He uses fine print and hidden disclaimers and other little mind games to hide that fact he 60 day money back guarantee is nonexistent. and his buddy Shawn Casey with his stupid business in a box and mining for gold crap is no better.
  • Same here, my question is how did he make $8000 some dollars in one night. If he did, now that would be a good program, but for his products, he's trying to sell you products on how to sell products about selling products.
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