The Pro Resume Writer Program Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Pro Resume Writer Program, found online at, is a new program which promises to teach people how to successfully operate and profit from their own resume writing business.

This program is being offered by the American Writers & Artists Incorporated company, a company which says their goals is to provide people with everything they need to turn their writing skills into a variety of successful writing based businesses.

To get your guide to building and creating your own resume writing business, the company says you will just need to pay a one-time fee of $197.00.

Why Resume Writing?

According to their website, in the course of the next year alone, around 29 million workers are planning to change jobs and many of them will need help crafting a resume that will help them change companies or even change all career fields.

As someone with writing skills, people will be willing to look to you for your experience and your knowledge. The best part is that writing resumes is actually a very quick process; often it takes around an hour to write the resume once you have the information you need.

This means that if you are charging $100 to write a resume, you will be earning around $100 an hour. In addition, the website says that experience and in-demand resume writers often earn more than $100 per resume.

The Pro Resume Writing Program Promises

This company understands that not all their customers will have natural resume writing ability, so their program will teach you everything you need to know about resumes, cover letters, and even social media profiles.

The guide includes how to write a resume to get results, regardless of what industry they work in and what part of their career path they are in, from entry-level employees to top level executives.

They will also provide you with the client questionnaire you will need to ensure you get all the information you need to successfully write your customers’ resumes, along with dozens of different templates.

But the guide doesn’t stop there – they will also provide customers with information to market their new business, how to run ads, and how to expand your business after you’ve built a client base and gotten more experience.

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