The Six Figure Mentors Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Six Figure Mentors are two experienced online marketers who claim that they can show anyone how to start a spare time online marketing business where they can earn $10,000 or more a month.

According to their website, The Six Figure Mentors offers their potential customers 15 years of experience in online marketing, and a business system created with over $1 million in research, development, and testing, and has generated $100 million in online revenue already generated.

Because their system has proven to be so successful, the website claims that you can’t just purchase their training. Instead you must apply and be accepted into their program.

The Promises puts a lot of time and effort into distancing themselves from other online marketing training programs, saying that their program is not an eBook, a DVD set, or an online program.

Instead, if your application is accepted, you’ll have to work closely with their team and community to complete your training, which will help you completely transfer your life in 6 to 12 weeks.

They say that their program is a “digital franchise” which includes classy products you can be proud of, world class coaching, training, and support, and the most powerful marketing platform in the world.

The Truth

Though The Six Figure Mentors says that you must apply to be a part of their team and that the majority of people will not be chosen for to take part in the opportunity, they do require you to pay an application fee of different various costs based on which program you are applying for.

The problem with this is that while their website spends lots of time telling you what they are not and how they are different from other programs, they don’t spend a lot of time telling you what they are and going into detailing about what you will have to do for their program.

Franchise business opportunities for offline businesses don’t ask you to pay up front before they tell you about the business – they will give you all the details and then ask for a financial commitment.

Customers who are still interested in signing up for this opportunity and seeing what The Six Figure Mentors have to offer should make themselves familiar with their refund policy in advance, so they know how to proceed should they decide they are unhappy with what they receive.

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