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Hot Penny Stocks FinderHot Penny Stocks Finder, at, is a website dedicated to helping people learn how to buy and trade penny stocks, as well as identify the individual penny stocks that will soon be gaining in value.  In addition to general overviews on penny stocks, and penny stock trading, Hot Penny Stocks Finder offers a free newsletter with trading advice and specifically recommended penny stocks for your investment opportunity.

In general, the information available on Hot Penny Stocks Finder is free.  They don’t ask you for any of your personal information, and they don’t require you to give them your credit card number in order to take part in any of the website’s functions.  Their site is covered with ads, so it’s likely that much of their personal revenue simply comes from pay per click advertising.  Whatever the case, free for you is always a nice thing.

So What’s the Deal with

Well, despite the fact that the information available on is free, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re completely trustworthy.  There are some things to consider.

First of all, penny stock trading is a tricky business, and the reason that it is so popular is the same reason that is hard to support: penny stocks are cheap.  Because penny stocks are so cheap, they are easily influenced.  Thousands of shares can be purchased by a company or single investor for a very reasonable sum of money.  After the shares are purchased, said company or investor can use their resources to influence others to purchase the stock, increasing the price.  Then, the company or investor sells their shares at a profit, and walks away as the stock price falls again because it was artificially inflated to being with.

The truth is that Hot Penny Stocks Finder isn’t a financial advisory website.  No one on their site is licensed to give financial advice; no one on this site is required to have financial or trading experience whatsoever, and yet, they have created a site whose whole goal is to tell you specifically what stocks to invest in.

In fact, Hot Penny Stocks Finder is actually owned and operated by Blue Wave Advisors, LLC, whose entire purpose as a company is to help small companies increase shareholders, ie to help companies sell shares of their stock.   So whatever company pays money to Blue Wave Advisors is the company who will be recommended for you to buy as a “hot penny stock” on Hot Penny Stocks Finder.

If I were you, I would stay far away from the advice being offered to you by Hot Penny Stocks Finder.

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  • a question, if you ignore their recommendations, is their stock "quote sheet legitimate and accurate?
  • Great review. Thanks
  • I DARE you to post this!

    These guys (who own this FAKE review site too) are PAID to pick stocks.


    If you have to lie to make money, and fool people, you are stealing. And that means your services SUCKS.

    If it was good, you wouldn't have to lie about it.
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