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If you have worked as an office administrator, executive assistant, or feel like you have the necessary skills to provide quality office support then becoming a virtual assistant may be for you. Using virtual assistants is a growing trend among entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even larger companies.

With a virtual assistant businesses save money by outsourcing labor to hourly home based employees. This allows them to delegate work more efficiently by relying on VA’s in busy times and saving money by not having a full time employee.

As a virtual assistant your home office should be equipped with the same capabilities as a standard office and you must have a reliable high-speed internet connection. You should also know how to use standard word processing and data management programs.

There are two ways that you can go about getting a job as a virtual assistant. You can use job search sites/freelance job boards to apply for available VA jobs or you can sign up with a virtual assistant staffing company and rely on them to provide you with job leads.

Either way there are plenty of opportunities for qualified individuals to provide office support from their homes.

Below you will find a list of Legitimate Virtual Assistant Jobs (Updated 2018):

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  • Latanya, define magic wax. What does that mean? How was it a waste of time for you. Exactly what where you trying to achieve, but did not succeed in. Your comment is to general.

    Note, I see that you typed in all caps which indicate that you are emotional upset at something. What happened?
  • Team Double click no longer hires remote or virtual assistants. 11/20/2018
  • Are there any websites where I can actually get certified/training to be a VA?
  • I have exc experience, all the equipment, the brains and I need a job from an honest,REAL business preferably near suburban Philadelphia although since it is a virtual position, that's just a preference. Guys...any direction for me?


    Elisa ♣
    • Good luck! I have been searching for legitimate virtual assistant work for years and have yet to find a company that either (a) gives you actual work after signing up and passing all their tests; or (b) does not charge a fee to look for work on their job boards.
  • For those who need some training to become a VA, find all the help you need in this free site. gcflearnfree. It is completely free. You don't have to even register. Just open the site, find what you need, and start learning, with interesting explanations, graphics and videos. Awesome!!!
    • Thanks for the info on GCF. It is a great site with many learning activities!
    • Can you please send me info on this free training. I'm disabled was trying to work properly out of the house but now am,in heart failure and was told if I keep working retail I am not going to be around much longer, but can't make it just on disability. Have you found legitimate work through here?

      Thanks for any honest info you can offer. My email is [email protected].

      Am also on fb.
    • I have been using gclearnfree for about 4 years now. I don't usually make recommendations or do reviews but I have to say that this site has been very helpful, when needing to know how to do something. I would recommend it.
  • Can someone give an example of what a VA actually does to earn money
  • Are there any on-line jobs you would know of that would hire from the Philippines? I have recently resigned from work as HR Officer in order to go home to our province and take care of my brother who suffered a stroke. I would certainly need some additional income to augment my financially-challenged situation. Thank you so much.
  • All this sound like a wild goose chase you can not find legit work at home business a lone you need a company that can help you find them for a small fee. The only successful company that can find jobs for you as far as work at home kind of deal is home office career. They do all the work for you in finding the right jobs for you even easy jobs that requires no experiences and all these jobs are work at home jobs. sign up as a member you only have to pay a small fee $19.95 one time fee for them to find a home job for you money back guaranteed. All home jobs will come directly to your email.... If you need more time to look for home jobs you can pay them $39.00 dollars for 3 months and you'll get that first month free.. Money back guaranteed if you didn't fine what you want. They not only have 3 month plan they have up to 12 months plan all money back guaranteed. You can't possibly go wrong with them. They are in the business to finding you a legit job working at home making good money no scams. I would try them
    • It is so despicable that you are trying to scam people on the very site where people are going to find information to avoid just that!!! These are folks that want to work for a honest living, and are looking for legitimate avenues to find work from home employment. Legitimate employment opportunities will not have a scamming finder's fee associated with them. SHAME ON YOU!!! :-(
    • Legitimate jobs should never ask for money, not even $5.00 for training. Multiply that 100x's "X" number of uninformed job seekers and that translates to a LOT of money. It's the despicable scam equivalent "Secret Social Security loopholes that will make you rich" for only $2.99....and they email you a link to an ebook or a cheaply xeroxed 20 page booklet. They just kick back and let the dollars roll in. NEVER pay for any kind of job recruitment or training...NO EXCEPTIONS!
    • Wow, you're obviously scamming on behalf of this company. Work from home jobs can be found independently if you're able to put in the time and effort to do some research. If help is needed, plenty of regular employment agencies (like you might use if seeking employment in a traditional setting) cover work from home options as well, and they do not charge a fee in order to find you a job. I think it's despicable that some individuals and companies are willing to leach off of people who are probably already struggling financially since they're searching for work. You should never have to pay a fee to find or start work (except fees for certain certifications and background checks for particular positions, but those are conducted through a separate and verifiable organisation).
  • Hello,

    Its good to have Virtual Assistant and i have been using the service for VA of 123employee which i found to be the best of all. Their service , work , support are helpful everytime it needed. A lot of work got saved my time. my money worth spending on them and i would love to use their service again. so i can recommend 123 employee others to have and try them.
    • I checked ratings for and they had an overall four out of five star rating. It's good to check ratings for any of these outsourcing companies before you invest valuable time to find out they may not be reputable.
  • I have been searching the Net, but never find anyone who IS A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT with clients. I'm not talking about working for companies like Alpine, Live Ops, etc., as a customer service rep, but actually having your own administrative business serving start-up or established businesses/companies with word processing, account management, admin asst. type duties. SO am wondering if all the how-to-become a VA info is a scam within itself.
    • Hi there,

      I am and have been a successful Virtual Assistant for the past 16 years. I trained with a Virtual Assistant company and then got my first client through them. All of my subsequent clients were referrals based on my first client. If you are truly a trained VA, you can find work via and and a variety of other sources.
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