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Volusion is a company that claims to be able to help your online store solve their ecommerce problems.

From shopping cart services to tech support to templates to better your website layout, Volusion wants to help with it all. The company offers a 14 day free trial for anyone curious about using their software and their services.

Volusion was founded by Kevin Sproles, who originally set out to create an effective, affordable shopping cart solution. The company has since expanded and offers a variety of packages with different features and benefits.

The packages begin at $19/month for the most basic features, and go all the way to $149/month for their most inclusive package. If you already have an online store but are dissatisfied with your current shopping cart service, Volusion will help you transfer over to their service.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Volusion " is 1.47 out of 5 based on 30 reviews.
  • BEWARE!!! This company scammed us for almost $4,000. Do not sign up for any trials. I am currently putting together a class action lawsuit to get this company shut down. If anyone else would like to join please get in touch with me.
  • This company seems to be a sham & or Scam company billing up my card but never producing any services they state. I tried to terminate my account & they ignore me so as to continue milking money from my account. I wonder just how many more folks got tricked by Volusion.
    • Please get in touch with me. I was scammed as well. I am putting together a class action lawsuit to get this company shut down.
    • Yes, they scammed us as well out of thousands of dollars. I am putting together a class action lawsuit against them. How can we get in touch with eachother?
  • I keep trying to sign up for this Free two week trial, but everytime i put my information in, i must include my full name and phone number etc. And it always claims error, account coukd not be set up, please try again later....

    For three days now. After looking it up i found this article, it sounded okay, until i got to the reviews. Thanks to everyone who contribruted with thier experiances.

    Ill keep my Shopify, while looking into Bigcommerce.

    Thanks again guys, im sorry this information wasnt available to you before you went thru sooo much b.s. -hope all sails smoothly now.
  • BIG SCAMMERS I have lost at least $12.000 dollars with this pseudo called company. Be aware
    • Please get in touch with me. The same thing happened to us! I am putting together a class action lawsuit. In the research I've done they have been doing this for years. I've successfully prosecuted another business for fraud and ready to do it again and get these fraudulent companies shut down.
  • Complete scam. Trevor Shipp is involved in this company and if you Google him, he has been in the business of scamming people online for quite some time through various ventures. He won't even allow any negative comments on his YouTube channel where he posts "volusion training" videos. He removes anything negative.
    • Please get in touch with me. I am putting together a class action to get them shut down. They scammed us out of almost $4,000.
  • Volusion Merchant account is nothing but SCAM! BEWARE AND STAY AWAY.When you decide to cancel their services make sure you cancel from every department or they will scam you!!!! WORST MERCHANT SERVICES!!!!!
  • I am a former Volusion Customer Service Rep.

    This company is very sneaky in their terms and conditions to screw you out of more money when you try and cancel their services.

    For example: Their Volusion Payments feature stats on their main website that there is no setup costs or fee, yet when you cancel this service they charge you $99 due to cover setup fees for the account.

    Buried deep within their terms and conditions is a statement saying you are signing a 3 year contract!

    Really!!! I have to sign a 3 year contract for credit card processing through you. This is a joke. They don't even tell you this when you sign up for it or on the agreement you sign. You have to click a link and be taken to another site to be able to see this contract length.

    Volusion does not tell you this and purposefully hides these types of this so that they can use it against you when you try to cancel their services.

    Thank you for Confirming what all the Merchants/Customers were telling me over the phone about Volusion's "nickel and dime system" after you leave them.

    Also their customer feedback emails addresses are a black hole, no one checks these and the mailbox is purged daily. This was confirmed by several customer service supervisors of the company.

    • I am filing a class action lawsuit as they scammed us out if $4,000. Can you get in touch with me? I have already prosecuted a company successfully once for fraudulent practices and ready to get this one shut down as well.
  • I am currently in the process of having Volusion build and host my website. I have not gone live yet but so far the Volusion team that I am currently working with has really gone beyond my expectations in providing good customer service. They call and email me regularly to check up on me and when I have had any questions or concerns they have gotten back to me immediately. Like most businesses, some employees provide better customer service than others. I initially made contact with a guy named Tyler Wright and he connected me with everyone I needed to be in contact with in order to get my design going. Again, all of them I have dealt with so far have been excellent customer service. I will definitely edit or repost this review if I experience any problems in the future.
  • Volusion is a dishonest company, they add services without your consent, they lie about giving you free upgraded service and then charge you extra. The person supposed to help me set up the website admitted never having taken a look at the site. When you cancel services, each service must be cancelled separately but they never tell you that and keep quietly charging you for months, knowing you are not using their services, and when you finally cancel it all they still charge you a termination fee. They are scammers, a TRAP, KEEP OUT.
  • looking for an ecommerce store signed up for premium 2 weeks ago still no SSL or Credit card service, had online chat with a disinterested Josh who took at least 10 minutes to answer each question.. really! was told it was so simple to swap from shopify and they do all the hard work!! Lie... You also get an hour Training one to one with an expert Lie... you get all the support you need Lie.. sign up for premier then down grade before next payment due out impossible... you have to speak to a manager... try get hold of one! Sorry Brett but they must be paying you, in fact why would you come on here and read the complaints at all like we are all stupid haha spose we are been scammed!! just want your credit card details then... NOTHING scam dont use, any reputable company would actually at least try to deliver a little of what they promise.
    • Please get in touch with me. I am putting together a class action to get this scamming company shut down once and for all. They scammed us out of almost $4,000. I've successfully prosecuted another fraudulent business and ready to get this one shut down too.
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