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War of Clicks, found online at WarOfClicks.com, is a paid to click advertising site that offers to help advertisers reach a whole new potential audience, while also giving people a chance to earn extra money from home.

These types of rewards sites are fairly common. They perform a service for advertisers, who use their member base as a new audience for their company, products, or services, or as a way to receive feedback on their marketing campaigns.

In exchange, members of their community will view these ads according to the directions of the website and the company, and will be able to earn a small amount of money for their effort and whatever input they provide.

How Does It Work?

War of Clicks’ members have more than one way to earn money. The general idea behind pay to click companies, of course, is to pay people for clicking on and watching advertisements.

But this company also provides a chance to earn money by referring new users to their services, building a downline of members, and participating in a system that gives them extra earning potential through the use of “warcoins.”

This company also says that they offer the “first ever” pay to click game, as well as unlimited clicking and unlimited earning, which may not always be available at other companies. They also provide mobile access to their advertisements, so you can watch and earn from anywhere.

Investigating the Claims

Many of the features that War of Clicks points to as their strengths are not unique to their company – pay to click games, unlimited earnings, guaranteed daily ads, and no need to purchase a membership are all features of reward companies that are generally well liked.

Unfortunately, the website does not offer a lot of explanation of how all their services or features will work, most specifically their “warcoins” system or the renting of referrals for better earnings opportunities.

They do say that their initial membership is free, so customers who are interested in seeing if they like this service won’t have much at risk, but members may want to resist investing money in upgraded memberships before they feel comfortable with how their system works.

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