Work at Home Institute Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Work at Home Institute, found online at, is a work at home opportunity from “the #1 job consultant in America,” Bobbie Robinson, which promises anyone can earn money from home.

Like an extremely high percentage of other work at home opportunities out there, Work at Home Institute claims to teach people how to post links online to make a large amount of money from home with little time and effort.

This program is currently discounted to $97 and comes with a two month money back guarantee if you try it and determine you are not making money and are not satisfied with the product you have received.

Signs of a Scam

The Work at Home Institute exhibits many of the classic red flags that are associated with unethical work at home opportunities. It is important to remember that these work at home opportunities are actually independent business opportunities.

As an independent business opportunity, it is misleading to make earning statements, since there are too many factors which will determine an individual’s income.

In addition, the sales page makes statements about certifications and “guarantees” of a position as a “Search Engine Agent.” Link posting and affiliate marketing require no forms of certification and the only people who use the term “Search Engine Agent” are companies trying to sell you training programs for this fabricated job.

The Reality

What Work at Home Institute calls a “Search Engine Agent” is actually an affiliate marketer, which is a legitimate independent business, though unfortunately one which takes far more time, effort, and money than is described on their sales page.

Also, historically speaking, these types of training programs usually don’t provide much more information than what you can find for free online, the one benefit being that it is usually organized in an efficient manner.

The website does mention a two month money back guarantee, but this refund is not well detailed in their Terms & Conditions or their Policy outline, stating that “if you are not making and are not satisfied” you can ask for a refund of your membership fee.

Similar companies usually use these types of policies to say that if you make even a dollar from their program you are no longer eligible for their refund. Or, immediately after you sign up for the program you are asked to invest larger sums of money which are then not eligible for refund.

If you decide to take a chance on any affiliate marketing training programs, be careful about the amount of money you are investing, and never invest more than you are comfortable losing.

As an extra precaution, most online purchases should be made with a major credit card, so if you have issues with fraudulent charges, the credit card company can help you get your money back.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Work at Home Institute " is 1.37 out of 5 based on 38 reviews.
  • Remember 2 things in this world. 1. no one's out to help you or give you money,they just want to take your money. 2. If you had a sure fire way to make a lot of money quickly and easily, would you share that with a lot of people? Well of course you wouldn't, you'd be a fool if you did!
  • What's amazing these days, is that even when you go to a Website for a review about a particular opportunity, the reviewers are scam artists themselves and try to lead you to an opportunity that they're an affiliate marketer for. The guy that led me to this scam opportunity is BRENT RICHARD. But the beautiful thing is, today you can just about check everything out online so you're not scammed anymore.
  • When they started to ask for money I read the terms very carefully and they were

    not clear, so I did the research and wow so many bad reviews. Have decided not to use them.
  • i have not worked for this company but after being laid off as a EMT i decided to check my options. this companies reviews are terrible & ill take as my warning. i have found another valid company which my friends are currently working with. they do charge a sign up fee based on which company opportunity you choose but it pays decent and you can work as much when you want. its is and you have to sign up with a IBO, i'm under corp id# 61417 i'm not sure if you can register with them if you aren't in the same state. check it out everyone, i'm a SAHM for the past year and i know i'd appreciate a sincere referral on a legit opportunity. good luck they have opportunities for many companies at a fee: disney, carnival cruise line, comcast etc. or check out my friend has been working for them about a year now but they arent available in my state. good luck again
    • Thanks for the information. I appreciate any good referral. Not to many people like to give their personal good information. I am going to research the web sites
  • To whom this may concern

    I have heard of working at home and would like to participant but unsure about it. a few years ago i respond to one but didn't have to pay anything and still got ripped off. the sales person told me to send some emails out, then I was going to get pay. although I was helping him put money in his pockets.. it was a scam; I made a complaint. so be careful. God Bless!
  • I am glad I check them out and was reading your comments , I didn't let them take my money . Sorry guys , next time check the scammers by googling there name
  • I feel sorry for all who have lost their hard earned money. I myself was almost suckered into this scam, as I was looking for a "work from home" job to supplement my income. I listened to this guy's "pitch" and was waiting for the credit card sign to pop up with that one time only fee of $97.00. I then logged out and googled the site and was not at all surprised when scam alert came up and I saw all the 1 star ratings. Although I did not pay for access, I saw enough of very unhappy customers who have been duped. Believe in karma, for what goes around comes around.
  • I have tried to work from home for years. If they ask for money...RUN.... I did find a very good job, had to quit b/c of illness. And that is HSN (home shopping network). Most of the shopping channels have them. Just go to the careers on web page and WAH (work at home)will come up. I know HSN, had TN, VA has them. Evine, and QVC. I got a paycheck every 2 weeks, I did get some commission, health ins, 401k, even pet insurance....So try it out. And I paid nothing up front!!!!
  • Why do they have an F+ rating on the BBB?? and why are there no reviews from all those people claiming to have made money from it??
  • I was curious and considering signing up with this company. I saw the 1st red flag (asking for money). Then I started doing research, and I found another website going by another name. It ended up being the same company, with the same cost and some of the same wording...another red flag. There's even a 'Ripoff Report' about this company as well...another red flag. I finally came across this site, and all the comments about the company; which secured my decision. My heart goes out to those that were taken advantage of. Many blessings and prosperity to you and your families.
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