Work At Home United Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Work at Home UnitedWork at Home United is a relatively new website that promises people an excellent work at home opportunity.  According to Work at Home United, they can set you up with your own work at home business, where you can make your own hours without any selling, multi level marketing, or risk.

This opportunity is available to you without a large monetary investment on your part, and, probably the best part, this opportunity is closely affiliated with a Fortune 500 company who is going to give you the basic plan toward making your company successful.

In addition to all the wonderful promises made by Work at Home United that are listed above, they also promise you that the business opportunity you could potentially embark on is all about making the environment better for this and future generations.  So not only can you be your own boss and make a good living without selling or investing a lot of your own money, you can also help save the planet.

All Work at Home United needs is your contact information so they can call you and discuss this business opportunity with you in person.

So is Work at Home United a Scam?

Well, Work at Home United isn’t really a scam, since they don’t take any money from you.  However, all they really are is an affiliate for Melaleuca, Inc, a company that specializes in selling environmentally friendly products.

I assume that Work at Home United never says on their website that they are promoting Melaleuca, Inc. because then you would simply search Melaleuca in Google, and undoubtedly come up with all sorts of terrible results.  This is not because Melaleuca is a bad company, it is simply because any MLM company tends to get tons of bad reviews just for being an MLM.

To be fair, Melaleuca is not a standard MLM company as they don’t “pay” you for recruiting people to sales, instead they give you bonuses and incentives.

The problem with Work at Home United being a front for Melaleuca, Inc, is that to make money with Melaleuca you have to be able to sell their products.  While Melaleuca, Inc. is dedicated to environmentally friendly products, their products tend to be expensive, which used to be excusable in the 1980s when finding eco-friendly products was really difficult.

But now, you can just go to the nearest WalMart or Target and pick up Seventh Generation dish soap, Method hand wash, and a variety of other green products for almost the same prices as the regular not eco-friendly brands.  This is going to make it extra difficult to convince others that they should their eco-friendly products from you.

However, if this is a business opportunity you’re still interested in, just be aware that it will take lots of time and effort on your part to make any business, including this one, successful.  Don’t believe promises of easy money or you’ll be sorely disappointed.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I am not giving a rating because I want to try the products before I

    decide anything.

    I just wanted to clarify about the BBB(Better Business)

    I am a business owner and I have an A+ rating because I do not have any complaints against me in 15 years. However I am not accredited because I do not pay $500+ to be accredited yearly. The BBB charges companies to be accredited also the BBB fees vary by number of employees etc.
  • I am a bit confused by the many responses of people who got up-in-arms about the review, which was a fair review. First of all, in all fairness, the reviewer did not call Melaleuca an MLM per se. Yet, if you Google the company it has the reputation of an MLM, whether you like it or not. Thus, Work From Home United seems like a cover for an MLM. Why? Let's see...

    1. Vague website wording that gives no real information about the program, not even basic info.

    2. It clearly leaves out mentioning the name of the company that it is an affiliate for by referring to it only as "a Fortune 500 company".

    3. It uses a style of "fishing" that is eerily reminiscent of MLM baiting.

    4. No information can be given other that a representative calling you to discuss the opportunity with you. So, you don't have time to email more info, but you have time to call and discuss it? I hear a sales pitch coming on...

    Look, I was interested in this opportunity very much until I went to the website. As the mother of an autistic toddler and being someone that desperately needs to work from home, getting involved with a company that promotes affordable, eco-friendly products is right up my alley, yet I need a real opportunity. So, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck why would I believe it's a peacock. I'm just saying...
  • so what is it this company actually does? what (those who are affiliated) do you do day to day? are you doing presentations? are you answering calls are you given referrals. do you start working with this company by using your own friends and family to build a base? seriously, why are things written so vaguely if your not trying to hide something. I can appreciate the loyalty I see here but what do you ACTUALLY DO?
  • Melaleuca is not a MLM company, they are a consumer direct company...and, no they do not sell any products! They simply refer others to an online store the same way one would refer others to shop at WalMart, Costco, Target, etc...

    Work at Home United is a great TEAM to be part of!
  • I just want to know what I would be doing EXACTLY, no I don't want an interview, already been doing several lately and I would hate to waste time on something that has such a vague website to begin with.
  • Work at Home United is an excellent team to be a part of. You are absolutely right that they are representing Melaleuca Inc. However, Melaleuca is much more than what has been said here. Take, for example, their vitamins. They use oligo fructose compounding which is patented just for Melaleuca, and what that means is that it absorbs into your system at a much greater rate than over the counter vitamins. Take for example Centrum or One a Day. Both of those vitamins are absorbed into your system at a rate of 15%, whereas Melaleuca vitamins are absorbed at 85% due to our patented oligo processing. And this is just one of our over 350 products that far surpass those you buy in the store. Melaleuca does not advertise online or on TV or radio because they rely on their Marketing Executives to do that for them, while they take that money and pour it back into making the best products available for you and your family. If you ask me, I am proud to be a part of such a great company. They are truly invested in us as individuals and our families, and that means a lot more to me than some company who's goal is to sell millions of products just to earn as much money as possible. A company like that does not have the direct consumer in mind, whereas Melaleuca does. I wouldn't trade shopping at Melaleuca for shopping any where else.
  • First of all, get the facts. Melaleuca is NOT and never has been an MLM. It is a Direct to Consumer company. Second of all, we at Work at Home United do not sell Melaleuca's products. They do that themselves. This company has more integrity than I have ever experienced anywhere else. Not only are their product lines superior than any others out there, both by safety and by effectiveness, but this is a company that puts their customers and business builders first before the almighty dollar. And yes, we are able to make wonderful incomes working from home partnering with such a fabulous company. We are so fortunate to be a part of Work At Home United!
  • Work at home united is a wonderful legit company that truly gives you a system to work from home! I am also absolutely thankful they are in a partnership with Melaleuca! I love their products and I love that I can refer others to shop there! So many people out there think this is MLM....That is totally untrue! Melaleuca doesn't have break aways either! You are a team! If anyone says they were never successful because they never SOLD anything..then that's your problem! You don't SELL ANYTHING! Melaleuca is changing lives around the world with their products! Name one store that you can return empty bottles to if you decided you didn't like it? What company gives you loyalty back by giving you shopping dollars to shop for different products! You say you can find eco friendly products at other stores....Well guess what they aren't as eco friendly as you think! Read the lables and do your homework! Melaleuca has proven scientific facts to back up their products....MOST IMPORTANTLY the customer is in the partnership :)!
  • to Reviewopedia/the person who wrote this review....I DARE you to try Melaleuca for 2-3 months!

    I've been using it for 9 months and love it.

    Legally it is not MLM. It is Consumer Direct Marketing. The customers who want to make money do NOT sell it.

    As for it being expensive, wow, you didn't do your research! Example: One of the cleaners sells for $5.69. It is highly concentrated, it is necessary to mix it with water to use it. Makes 6 spray bottles of all purpose cleaner, that makes the cost less than $1 per bottle. Good luck finding all purpose cleaner at Walmart or Target or the Dollar Store for less than $1! And it is very high quality!

    Again I say I dare you to try it. Then you can give a REAL review!
    • Rachel - What oil do you use? And Mela is not an MLM.

      Erin - Have you looked at the ingredients in those cleaners?? They are so cheap because of the low quality ingredients and preservatives.
    • I make my all-purpose spray using vinegar and water and 5 drops of an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial oil. Oh, and it's completely safe and edible. If my son gets into it and drinks it, it's no big deal. That also costs me far less than $1. I don't want to be negative but I have really been burned by MLM when I tried my hardest to make them a viable business trying to help people live better. It takes the right kind of people to make an MLM work and most people aren't the "right kind of people." That's why I found this post helpful.
    • you can find all purpose spray cleaners for $1 at dollar general.
  • I too, love Melaleuca's products and the company! Melaleuca has helped so many families and not just financially either! The financial side of it is just one of the perks, if you so choose. And I am SAVING money by purchasing Melaleuca's products versus the big box stores. We have coupons, and buy one get one for free, not any different from buying from Publix, except we are helping to save the earth and keeping our families and pets safe! Plus, we get money back for shopping at retail partners websites like Newegg, Target, Best Buy. Save, Save Save! :o)

    Request from someone to watch the presentation then see the difference it could make in your life!
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