Work Like Scott Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam? a website by “Scott Carter” promises to teach you how to make money from Google.  On the site you’ll find several pictures of checks he received from Google along with his recommendations for a kit that you can use to learn how to duplicate his success.

Now most people wouldn’t recognize this site but “Work Like Scott” is not a new website in fact it’s using what’s now known as the Kevin Hoeffer template.  The reason it’s called that is that when the original website first surfaced, over a year ago, instead of Scott Carter the name used was Kevin H.

The website was so effectively marketed that it reached unprecedented levels of popularity and once it was exposed the wave of knockoffs like quickly followed.

Take a look at the two side by side.

So What’s Wrong With Sites Like Work Like Scott?

First off these sites mislead people into believing that they can work for Google, this is a bold faced lie which grew so prevalent that Google Inc, stepped in and issued a lawsuit against one of the companies behind these kits.

Secondly the sites use a bunch of deceptive tricks to get you thinking that Scott Carter is for real and that his methods can help make you money.  For instance it’s not a coincidence that when you read Scott’s bio it says that he’s from a town near you.  They use an IP reading script that customizes the site to your location.

Also the comments made on are not real, and the fact that you can’t post new comments on the site is a clear sign of that.

Yet more importantly the biggest deception is in the opportunity that they present.  They want you to believe that you can get paid by Google but they don’t explain the real opportunity.

Yes, you can get paid by Google but that’s only through their AdSense program which is a system of advertising that compensates websites owners for displaying Google ads on their sites.  The checks that you see on are examples of these types of checks, pictures of these can easily be found online and are not indicative of anything.

However these are all minor discretions when compared to the real scam behind sites like Work Like Scott.  The real fault is in the recommendations that they make, the kits that they want you to buy have hidden monthly charges.

Specifically, the one recommended on costs 1.97 initially followed by a whopping monthly fee of $74.86 unless you cancel.  The worst part is that all these kits are interchangeable so when one gets exposed it’s quickly replaced with another, same as with the pen name Scott Carter, as soon as these sites stop making the scammers money they reinvent them in no time at all.

It’s pretty obvious that Work Like Scott is not recommended and it’d be smart on your part to familiarize yourself with the telltale signs of this scam.

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