YouGov Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 122 reviews Review It is a website that allows anyone to become a panel member for free, in order to collect real peoples’ opinions from across the nation.

YouGov conducts polls and surveys about politics, public affairs, brands, and other topics of general interest. Once you become a member, you will begin receiving invitations for surveys. For every survey you complete, you will earn points.

The points you earn can eventually be exchanged for a variety of different rewards, including T-shirts, tote bags, gift cards, movie tickets, and sometimes even cash.

Not all surveys award points upon completion, however. Some surveys simply enter you into a monthly drawing for cash prizes.

A Different Kind of Market Research

Most market research companies are contracted by major corporations in order to discover what their target market is looking for in product development, advertising, or just general wants or needs., on the other hand, has a decidedly political aspect to their market research. They claim to be a non-partisan organization, whose surveys do not represent either a Republican or Democratic view.

However, YouGov does partner with outside organizations to gather opinions from their members. These surveys are completely confidential, and though your responses will be provided to an outside organization, none of your contact information will be.

When you sign up with YouGov, though, you must provide your accurate home address for two reasons. First, they need to know where to send your prizes once they’ve been redeemed. Second, some of their political surveys are specific to a region or voting population.

YouGov Surveys and Prizes

The average survey at will only take about 5-7 minutes to complete, though surveys can vary in length. YouGov says their longest survey will not run longer than 20 minutes to complete.

As for their rewards and prizes, you must become a member of YouGov before you can see how many points you must accumulate in exchange for a prize. Currently, though, they are giving new members a welcome bonus of 1000 points, so hopefully it won’t be too time consuming to earn a prize.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " YouGov " is 2.14 out of 5 based on 122 reviews.
  • Now they want you to give them your bank savings account number to receive your money. Only option. I don't trust that at all. Cancelling account!
  • They no longer pay rewards out. Instead they block you from the site
  • I used to get the You Gov polls all the time, but all of a sudden I don't get them anymore. I wonder why? Maybe my answers were consistently conservative and that didn't fit their narrative. I did like to read the comments that folks posted.
  • The “nays” have it.

    I’m glad I never got to know YouGov.

    After signing up it dawned on me that I should look to see if there were any reviews on YouGov instead of possibly wasting my time.

    Sorry for all of you that have; but, just think how many have read your reviews, and because of you taking a little bit more time you’ve saved a lot of us time and frustration!

    THANK YOU!!!
  • It looked good for awhile. Maybe get a gift card. Doubts we’re already in place. Don’t do the stupid survey. They are politically motivated. Nice to begin. Now after many many surveys. My phone / IP address must be black listed. As the webpage doesnylist. As I assume I entered an answer it didn’t like. Sorry don’t get duped. I am sure they already sold my info.
  • Nearly up to £50 payment. Now seem to be ignored.They don't want to make payments I think.
  • YouGov is a scam, a fake survey and it represents the Democratic view.
  • Payback is slow & modest, but easily done. Unlike some surveys where you spend 5 - 10 minutes on the survey, only to be told, "We're sorry, but you do not qualify for this survey," with YouGov you ALWAYS qualify.

    Be honest with yourself: do you spend at least 5 - 10 minutes/day messing around on the Internet? Then you should join YouGov, where you ALWAYS get paid.

    BIG PLUS: they often ask YOUR OPINION ON IMPORTANT ISSUES. YouGov polls are quoted on CNN, etc. , so you get "your two cents worth." Actually, no: when you hit 100,000 points, you get $100. That is EQUAL TO PUTTING 10,000 PENNIES IN A JAR. Keep in mind you then have to roll the pennies, label each one, go to the bank, etc. THIS IS EASIER. If you're counting every penny, DO BOTH.
  • I too was punked on my $50 amazon card, never arrived, several attempts to contact YouGov, no response from them.
  • Have twice earned 100,000 points It took me 6 months and 2 calls to get the first Amazon $100 card. The second never arrived, and after countless calls and emails, I was finally snapped at "We did mail it" then hung up. Still get surveys, but just ignore them now.

    And yes, it was the YouGov site. Screw them. They are a scam.
    • I have never had that experience, And I have never had a card email. You simply get an email with a # on it that you enter on you Amazon account
    • i redeemed 100,000 points for $100 cash to my bank since they dont offer visas gift cards no longer..did this on 1/23/2019 and still no money in bank and have contacted them 3 times now w no reply..not only that but it doesnt ever show up where how many points u have or have redeemed....SCAM
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