Your Surveys Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 52 reviews Review It is the online home of the Your Surveys, a company that says they want to help people get paid for giving their opinions to market research companies in the United States.

Market research is one of the oldest and most popular ways of making money online, because people are just asked basic questions about the products and services they already know and use and simply give their opinion.

Though participating in online market research isn’t extremely profitable, it has long been known to be an easy to earn extra money each month from the comfort of your own home.

Your Surveys Requirements

This website does say that their members must be at least 18 years old to join, although they will allow children as young as 13 to young as long as they have their parents’ permission.

The website claims that will need proof of age and of parents’ permission before accounts will be verified and customers will be eligible to cash out their earnings from this company.

Your Surveys promises that your profile will be saved so that their members will not repeatedly be asked the same questions regarding their age, professional, and demographics, as well as promising that all their information will always be kept secret and never sold to third parties.

The Concerns

Unfortunately Your Surveys appears to be so new at this time that there simply are not any customer reviews available to help prospective members evaluate this company and determine whether or not they would like to join.

That being said, it almost doesn’t matter that there aren’t any reviews, because there also doesn’t actually appear to be any way to join this company as a new member. Their website provides no information whatsoever on how people become a part of Your Surveys.

It is not uncommon for some market research companies to only offer membership to new people who have been personally invited by current members, and this may be what this company is doing at this time, but their website provides no information.

If you are someone who has been invited to join this company, it is important that you make sure the company is not requesting any fees or payments from their members before you sign up, and that their minimum required payout is actually a reasonable amount of money that members will be able to earn, otherwise you should avoid this company all together.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Your Surveys Reviews " is 1.4 out of 5 based on 52 reviews.
  • here i hope this helps when the site asked you put ur email in put in a Different email in to get the surveys let your original account email sit for a few months til it goes back to normal i know its horrible but i also can say no ones care that us members get our quality score just the -20 for repeated surveys i hate no ones care for your-surveys members we need the help we need our issues fixed we need our points back I think when we get a repeated survey they should give us +20 on the quality score thats what i think
  • They are bloody crooks. Plain and simple. So many times at the end of the classification questions on a 30 minute survey that said 10 minutes, they tell you that the survey was not a good match!

    They are dishonest and thieves! As far as I am concerned, they can go to hell!

  • I do not think this particular survey site is legit and it is believed to be a scam.

    Whenever, I click survey links, I don't know from where this 'Your Survey' comes in between and says 'Survey is not available'.

    I wrote to their support many a times, but record shows that they did not bother to attend the complaint. Moreover, after complaint, they lowered my Quality score from 100 to 90.

    I do not get how this type of Company/website with so obnoxious attitude is given such a responsible assignment of judging Survey panelist. If this Company/Site is located in my country, I might have already gone to their office for a face to face discussion. I do not think they have a right to kidding with the Survey panelists.
  • they lie and steal your points and rewards

    this is a complete waste of time , they have a point system,, if you complete one survey , you get one point,, but then, their trick is,, they reject many of your surveys, by falsely accusing you of speeding, or not reading the questions correctly, and then,, deduct from your points minus 20 points.. so they can wipe out your points in 10 mins.. I have recorded myself completing a 10 min survey, by doing it in 20 mins, and yet,, still got it rejected with the false allegation of speeding.. they did admit after one month of me complaining, that they had a error with their software,, but then refused to admit that it cost me my reward money .. one week later my surveys are being rejected again, 50 points in one hour,, and again, they are blaming me for cheating.. I have had numerous members on fb also complaining,, but seems the people who check the surveys,will not admit they do not know what they are doing. They do not have the brains or common sense to even realise,, we see and complete the same surveys, many times, even on the same day.. so they think each time we need to read the same questions, when in fact we know what the questions are before they even appear..they are so eager to steal your points and get you closed down, I do not even know why they bother to send surveys out for. I have done the same survey 6 times in one day,, and yet,, 2 were rejected, despite me taking the same time and giving the same answers. again, showing they have no idea and no consistency to their checks... do not waste your time with this company .. you will spend hours completing surveys, just for them to falsely accuse you of cheating and take away your rewards..
  • They will eventually throttle you, stagger you with bogus end of survey disqualifications, errors, and unannounced delays.
  • Unlike most of the reviews here, I've actually had a great experience with your-surveys. I usually get a survey in 5 minutes (although sometimes it can take longer), and the payout usually confirms within a minute.

    Keep in mind, however, I was getting points on a rewards site for doing their surveys, and not actual cash. I just traded in the points for prizes. Still, though, I think it's pretty good.
  • I have been taking surveys through Valued Opinions and Vindale Research and a lot of their surveys go through your Not good, if your demographics don’t match you get bumped down on their point system or if they think you are going too fast in their surveys they take points off. Ridiculous. I never had this issue before. I think they just started doing this. Makes it impossible to take surveys. Avoid your at all possible. It’s hard to tell if your taking theirs if your with another survey company though.
    • I only complete their surveys via other panels and all of a sudden I was blocked. I know why, it's because a recent Windows/Firefox upgrade combo forced Geolocation and started showing me as anywhere BUT where I'm based.

      because f this I had issues with other panels, too, but now it's sorted this is the only one who won't reinstate me. They want me to send a copy of a photo ID and a bill. Why? To vefity my account they said, but I don't have an account with them, so what are they checking that info against?

      This is the latest helpful message from support.



      Unfortunately, this account is remaining blocked.

      Kind Regards,


      For your own sanity, avoid this bunch of crooks at all costs. There are many, many better panels out there. It's just a shame that some use this Mickey Mouse outfit.
  • Stupid site. More than dreadful
  • Forget about support they must be a bunch of kids (they claim they are a family friendly group or something like that) you cant talk to them like adults which means you cant tell them they suck so you have to kiss their ass how you have a complaint otherwise it wont go through. as far as the quality score that is a joke one day you have this amount the next you are 20 less on account of survey was rejected. Oh and there are sites where you take a survey but you do not know that it is connect to YS so that affects your score if your demos arent matching
    • You're not wrong there. They blocked me for using a proxy (I don't) four and a half years ago! I raised a ticket, but got blocked again for not being in the UK. This is nonsense. I used a desktop which doesn't provide Geolocation, and is set to UK only.

      After many messages, I was told to provide several confidential and private documents to verify my account. I don't have an account with the because I am directed there via my usual panel.

      Here's the helpful reply I've had THREE times:



      Unfortunately, this account is remaining blocked.

      Kind Regards,


      So I raised the issue on the 4yo ticket and they simply closed it with comment.
  • Complete scam. They give you a quality score and then dock you multiple points. Or if you actually do get through a survey it disqualifies you. I have yet to receive anything worthwhile through them. I reached out to the company and they refused to give me any assistance.
    • The quality score is used to measure the type of survey taker you are, in real time, and that can be a good thing, but it won't always give you qualified opportunities. An individual member can still get an individual, 1000+ point your-surveys survey with a 150 score, even if five days before they lost 200 quality score for massive rejections. If your profilers are less than ideal for advertisers, that even if you have 1000+ point quality score and your a good survey taker, you'll still get dog-shit for opportunities.

      The only good thing about the scoring system is even if you have done poorly on surveys and were rejected, on a given day, in three months from the time it was issued, they lapse and those points are restored, provided no others expire at the same time and you have done enough surveys properly, in the interim, to buffer that. This doesn't mean to skim and lie on the surveys and figure things will work out, again, because YS can ban you for that, regardless of what your score is. That is my understanding, anyway.

      Advertisers for the surveys hold the reigns as to what you get and what they wish to reject. You may have told them the packaging to their orange soft-drink brand looks like a kindergartner scribbled all over it and that you prefer something more sophisticated, they can - at will - nuke your survey and you will lose both your quality score and cash out points.

      Your-survey should ensure that people have a good opportunity to earn well, but they don't. They should also consider nuking sample-cube for the endless redirects. Alas, they won't.
    • I started submitting tickets when I couldn't get surveys to load or credit. With a score of 112 (100 is the average - you get positive points for survey completions and negative points for failing QC checks) I am a qualified survey user. However, apparently they can't take any constructive feedback and blocked my account. When I reached out, they couldn't tell me the reason for blocking it to protect their survey partners. Not only is it nearly impossible to be successful to earn by completing surveys but the website just decides whenever they feel to block users. They will be going out of business at this rate. Read the other reviews, it's a scam!
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