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A Closer Look, found online at A-Closer-Look.com, is a marketing and mystery shopping company that gives businesses the necessary customer feedback they need to expertly improve their services and stay competitive within their industries.

According to their website, this company works with businesses in the Restaurant, Hotel, Retail Store, Health & Wellness, and Professional Service provider industries to help them get a better understanding of their customer relations and services.

They do this by employing “expert” mystery shoppers, who they say will provide their companies with detailed reports of their experiences as well as with suggestions for improvements or changes.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shoppers are employed by A Closer Look and then given an assignment to interact with a specific client of theirs. For example, they may be told to go to a local pizzeria for dinner, with optional specifics like ordering certain menu items or “experiencing” certain issues or problems during the meal.

The mystery shopper then provides a professional report on their experience, including specific details and feedback and opinions on their experience and what could be improved. It is important that this report be as clear and accurate as possible, so companies know they are receiving the most reliable information.

How to Sign Up

People who are interested in becoming one of their mystery shoppers must submit a valid email address to their website and they will be emailed an application as well as be given access to their “Pre-Application Information Guidelines” which explains their company guidelines for shop assignments.

The application will include questions about spelling, grammar, math, and logic, as well as a section of the application where you will have to provide a written narrative about your most recent fine or casual dining experience “in a clear and concise manner.”

Finally, you will also be asked to provide all relevant contact and demographic information and complete a “Shopper Qualifying Test.” Applicants must pass their test with a score of 7 or better in order to be eligible for hire.

A Closer Look also regularly hires both schedulers for their mystery shopping experiences, and editors to look over submitted reports. Unfortunately this website does not publish payment or rate information for their employees at this time.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " A Closer Look Reviews " is 2.57 out of 5 based on 28 reviews.
  • A Closer Look is a legit secret shopper company who always pays on time (abeit a bit slowly). It takes approximately 45 days to get your check. If you live in a larger city, there are probably great shops available. In my small (55,000) city, there is only one restaurant owner who uses them so you end up doing the same places over and over. Sign up and use it when you travel. You get reimbursed for a meal. I use it to take my friends to a nice lunch for free. If you do dinner shops, you must have cocktails and sometimes you barely break even. But you still get a night out for nearly nothing. Sometimes the editors are a little nit-picky but in 5 years, I have never had a shop rejected. If you miss something, be honest. I got to do a shop on a local assisted living facility, took some photos, wrote a report, and got $75. I imagine it would be tough if you were doing it for a living, but for me, it's a hobby job. I like it.
  • Horrible company to work for. They treat their "independent contractors" like employees which is VERY ILLEGAL. They provide very low pay for an unreasonably hefty workload. They're unorganized and you're micromanaged by uneducated, stay-at-home women who go on power trips and punish you for any little mistake you make. And you make less than minimum wage working full time as either a scheduler or mystery shopper! Dreadful company.
    • When did you work for them? Did you ever seek legal advice on being incorrectly labeled as an independent contractor instead of an employee?
  • A Closer Look is a legit company. I have been a secret shopper for a few years. Some of the editors look for reasons to reject a shop. Most shops take at least an hour to write up. Blaze Pizza is the worst shops to do. I am now finding the the reward is not worth the effort.
  • They are not scam, they are a legit company. People actually have to start getting one assignment from them and reading it. I do lots of restaurants and hotels, and it is convenient to go out and save money in turn of a report. Editors are friendly and once you make the connections with schedulers is even better. To me is one of the best companies to work for.
  • SCAM !

    They made me make 48 miles to review a restaurant and get $28 for the restaurant.

    Their website crash every time so I sent all documents by email, pictures, etc... and they said I need to get it done again on their website which does not work.

    CONCLUSION : I may lost 8 hours of my time and lost $28.

    • Care to explain how they "made you" do this? I suspect that you "chose" to do this, and now you're complaining because you made a decision that turned out to not be profitable.

      CONCLUSION: It's not the company that is crappy...
    • That's not a scam. Nobody made you drive 48 miles away just to go to a restaurant. DONT take shops that are far away from you. Take shops that are conveniently close and/or somewhere that you will be anyways.
  • I have been mystery shopping and working in the MS industry for 18 years. I can honestly say that A Closer Look is the best company I have worked for thus far. They have fabulous shops to offer and always pay on time. They disclose what is expected for every shop up front in full detail, and they never send an assignment unless a shopper specifically requests it. If you pay attention to details, gather the required information and submit your reports on time, you will have great success with A Closer Look and be offered excellent opportunities to evaluate high-dollar locations. The harder you work, the better the shops.
  • I was informed I was not going to get paid bevause I did not work out at the gym for 20 min. But they got my time of getting all the information plus pictures they needed for the report. Now they have erased my history of jobs in the system. Awful!
    • It did say in the guidelines though that it was necessary to work out for 20 minutes or you would not be paid.
  • I have worked for them for two years now and have ALWAYS received payment from them. Sometimes they will offer to pay me more if they are in dire need of a job done in my area. I have had no problems with them and have enjoyed several nice meals out and hotel stays at no cost to me. I highly recommend this company!
  • I've shopped with A Closer Look for years! They are a legitimate company, always pays and pays GOOD (if you did your shop right), and has many employment opportunities to work from home with them as a scheduler or editor. My friend shops and edits for them. She makes close to $500 a month for working a few hours a day - FROM HOME (editing), and then on top of that gets most of her meals reimbursed by shopping with them! This company is a win-win!
  • I have been shopping with A Closer Look for about 3.5 years now, and it is most definitely a legitimate company. The negative reviews on this page seem to be about companies other than A Closer Look. ACL does not send out letters or perform scams. They communicate through e-mail after you are signed up to be a shopper. In most cases, you will not be paid a shopper fee for completing the shop; you are simply reimbursed for your expenses. I see it as a way to enjoy nice meals for free. You have to pay for it upfront, but you are sent a check the following month (the fourth Monday of the following month, I believe). ACL has better quality shops than competitors. It is by far my favorite company to work with. Yes, the reports require more details, but it's because they are better shops. I always pretend I'm texting so I can take all of the notes I need to successfully write my report after.
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